Where to enjoy a good dram in Birmingham (UK) ?

thewhiskylady - 2015-03-02

Box Distilleri : “whisky made by experts for experts”

thewhiskylady - 2015-03-10

My March whisky wishlist

thewhiskylady - 2015-03-03
Hey whisky buddies, it’s already time for this month’ whisky wishlist ! You may now know that my student monthly income doesn’t allow me to purchase all the liquid wonders I’d like, but as I still think that one of my relatives will one day end up on this blog and come accross those lists I lovingly put together thinking “well, this will make a perfect Birthday/Christmas/Easter/AnyOccasionWouldDo gift”, I’ll keep posting them…
Here’s this month selection (click on titles for direct links to shop) :  
Rock Oyster
“Rock Oyster is Douglas Laing’s blended malt based on whiskies from the Islands, specifically Jura, Islay, Arran and Orkney. Rich with a smoky and maritime character.”
Littlemill 1991 / 23 Years Old / Whisky Agency 
“From closed Littlemill comes this 23-year-old whisky, distilled in the last year of production. Matured in a refill hogshead which yielded 275 bottles in 2014.”
Glen Els Ember

“A rustic style of whisky, Glen Els Ember contains 40% wood-smoked malt. Aged for a minimum of four years in Germany’s Harz Mountains in a combination of casks – cream and oloroso sherry, tawny port, Marsala, Malaga and Bordeaux, this is sweet, spicy and smoky.”
 Vulson White Rhino / Rye Spirit
“White Rhino Rye is the first release from Vulson, a collaboration between Domaine des Hautes Glaces in the French Alps and Xavier Padovani of Experimental Cocktail Club. Made from organic rye, grown, malted and distilled on site, it’s sweet, fruity and spicy.”
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