February 2018

February Sample Clearance: favourite drams


Here we are! I’m finally starting this new series on the blog, meant to replace the usual whisky reviews I used to write from time to time. If you want to understand why I decided to switch to this format, you’ve got all the explanations here 😉 Here’s what I received, purchased & tasted this month: / = I’ll pass ♥ = enjoyable ♥♥ = great ♥♥♥ …

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Stop blaming Whisky Auctions


Disclaimer: Yes, I’m working as a whisky auctioneer (here), so if you think I’m not being objective, you’re free to close this page – I’d rather think it puts me in a great position to understand the ins and outs of the whisky auction world 😉 As I’ve been wandering around the World Wide Whisky Web, I regularly come across the usual “auction shamer”, claiming …

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3 whisky myths debunked – #3


Hey drammers, I feel like it’s been a long time we haven’t tackled some stupid widespread pre-conceived ideas about whisky around here ! And oh boy, as I’ve been spending a lot of time behind the counter of a whisky bar lately, I cannot even count the times I clenched my fists not to explode in anger and risk a 1-star-review on Tripadvisor 😉 –> …

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Malted Pairings: Whisky & Charcuterie


You’ve all heard and/or tried whisky & food pairings by now (come on, they’re becoming even trendier than whisky cocktails those days!), you all know whisky goes pretty well with chocolate and makes the perfect couple with cheese, but did you know you could take your taste buds to an even tastier destination? Try charcuterie with your whisky ! (disclaimer: this article isn’t vegan friendly). …

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The Microdistillery Controversy


New small start-up distilleries enter the market each and every year in all parts of the globe, from the hills of Scotland to the fields of Australia – and they’re likely to all face the same challenges when introducing their spirits to the public… –> They need to be unique but some people will get pissed if they can’t access bottlings. –> They need to …

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My February Whisky Wishlist


2018 is flying so fast… It’s February already and I feel like I just realised we started a new year! Needless to say, my way-too-optimistic new resolutions weren’t kept for more than 2 weeks (which was of course predictable… It’s not easy to #DryJanuary when you’re judging the WWA or host whisky tastings – not that I’m complaining though ;)). Anyway, this crazy January schedule …

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