July 2015

7 questions for Matthieu de Gottal


While spending some time in England earlier this year, I had the chance to quench my thirst for great chocolate & spirits with the wonderful creations from Matthieu de Gottal, the Willy Wonka of the Cotswolds! Naturally, when I thought about this new “7 questions for…” series, Matthieu came to mind to inaugurate those new spirited interviews, aiming at introducing you to different whisky-related talents …

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Weekly Review : Hyde Irish Whiskey 10YRS


Stuart McNamara, founder & editor at IrishWhiskey.com, explains that Hyde Whiskey in Skibereen is actually a new Irish whiskey venture and is not to be confused with any other whiskey companies in West Cork. In common with most new Irish Whiskey Start Ups, their initial release is based on a high quality offering that Hyde have worked their magic on from an established distillery. In …

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Great Value Drams : Green Spot Irish Whiskey


In 1805, William Mitchell purchased no.10 Grafton Street and set up a bakery and confectionary business. In 1887, Robert Mitchell, a gentleman of not inconsiderable business acumen, expanded the business into whiskey bonding, moving shortly thereafter to new premises around the corner to No.21 Kildare Street. The family first commenced retailing the venerable Green Spot whiskey in 1933 at which time one could purchase “John …

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From Beginner to Connoisseur #2 : A Roadmap of American Whiskey


Barley is definitely not the only cereal of choice in the USA when it comes to whiskey making, corn is indeed the key ingredient of bourbons, but rye and wheat are also quite popular around there. Maturation in new oak barrels as well as varied raw materials made American whiskeys quite unique, sometimes complex but always interesting to look into. As I know it may …

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Distillery


1. Because an increasing number of distilleries are opening their doors to the public in every corner of the planet. So whether you’re touring New Zealand or sunbathing in Menorca, there will always be a spirit-producing facility to welcome you. 2. Because distilleries reflect a territory, its people, its history & traditions and have proved to be a very unique way to deeply immerse into …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Mallorca


As you may have noticed, I had the chance to spend my Birthday weekend in sunny Mallorca. Amongst breath-taking scenery, winding mountain roads that could nearly get you killed each time you meet other vehicles, turquoise not-that-wild creeks and other greasy pintxos, Mallorca hosts an incredible number of watering holes (not only offering 484824-meters shot lines for the common bachelor-party-kind-of-tourist and its clubber counterpart). Here’s …

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G&T : 3 Happy Marriages between Gins and Tonics


The G&T was first introduced in India in the early 19th century by officers of the British East India Company. The reason for its rise to fame was that back in the 1700s, quinine was found to be used to prevent and treat malaria. Unfortunately, quinine was rather unpalatable on its own and so those clever army chaps decided to add a splash of the …

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My Whisky essentials


As I was once again wandering on Amazon, hesitating between poodle and pug masks (I know they’re both absolutely fantastic !), I magically found myself scrolling down the results page for “whisky” (I tend to be a bit obsessional when I like something…), surfing endless seas of whisky stones and other malted gadgets. I then took a deep breath, closed the page and realised it …

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4 ways to enjoy your whisky in summer


How to -still- look like a respected whisky aficionado when all you’re craving for right now is another G&T, Mojito, Tequila sunrise or a large bucket of ice-cold water ? A terrible heatwave has invaded Europe since a few days, leaving us all sweaty and dehydrated, lying like stranded wales on our couches (or maybe this one just apply to me ?), praying for the …

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