November 2016

Those new Japanese distilleries to watch out


It’s been a long time since we haven’t talked Japanese spirits around here – while I don’t have a clue about Shōchū & Saké (#SorryNotSorry), I couldn’t go without noticing that 2016 was a pretty interesting year for the Asian spirits category, seeing new distillery projects emerge and even the first Japanese gin launched! Let’s then have a look at 2 new Japanese distilleries that I’ll …

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Old Pulteney launches second 35 Year Old Limited Edition


Award winning Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky has just announced a second release of its limited edition 35 Year Old expression, following the success of its first release in 2014 which sold out globally. Only 1,254 bottles of this rare and exceptional whisky will be available through specialist outlets around the world, with a recommended retail price of £515 per bottle. The second Old …

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7 Questions for Ardnamurchan Distillery’s director Alex Bruce


Ardnamurchan is one of the UK’s great unspoiled wildernesses. Rugged, isolated and utterly wild, it juts into the Atlantic at the most westerly point of the British mainland. And this beautiful part of the world is also home to one of the most recently-built Scottish distilleries: Ardnamurchan Distillery, a project brought to life by the renowned whisky merchants of Adelphi. With spectacular coastline, breathtaking views …

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A closer look at Edinburgh Whisky’s Auchentoshan 18yo


It’s quite unusual for me to publish 3 reviews in the same week but hey, the only rule around here is that there’s no rules right? 😀 So let’s have a closer look at the latest release from independent bottler Edinburgh Whisky! Edinburgh Whisky Ltd. is a privately-owned independent company, based in Scotland’s capital city, carrying on the age-old tradition of Edinburgh merchants who cannily …

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Sall Whisky: A new Nordic Distillery in the pipeline!


I recently came across another crowdfunding campaign for (yet again) a new craft distillery, I may have just shut the page like “Come’on I’m not putting one more $ on another business school project!” but then I read it ’til the end and my inner whisky-loving self (and also my world-whisky-fan self & I-love-everything-Scandinavian-so-much-I-Still-Don’t-Know-Why-I’m-Living-in-the-Southwest-of-France self) couldn’t just ignore it without noticing Sall Whisky was actually one …

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Weekly Review: Jericho Christmas Pudding (Lost Distillery Co.)


For today’s review, I’ve decided to go all Christmassy and have a closer look at the latest release from The Lost Distillery Company: Jericho Christmas Pudding – and this name already says a lot… The Lost Distillery Company hand-crafts legendary whiskies from long closed distilleries across Scotland with a contemporary twist. The new merry malt is part of the Jericho range, styled on the lost distillery …

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5 Whisky-fuelled gifts for a boozy Christmas


WOW WOW WOW. It’s already this time of the year again! We were still wandering around in our neon-pink swimsuits, poolside, sipping on coconut milk straight from the coconut (well, for the luckiest of us… I wasn’t part of this team though, I was more the one already shopping for scarves and gloves in Edinburgh in the middle of August) a few months back and yet …

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An Epic Rare Vintage Gordon & Macphail Tasting


Last wednesday at 7pm, we were around 20 whisky enthusiasts (all drooling of impatience…) to gather on Twitter for what was meant to be one of the most exciting #TweetTastings to date: a Rare Vintage Gordon & Macphail tasting, featuring whiskies of each decade from the 1980s back to the 1950s. Not a single dram this night amongst the 5 we had the chance to …

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5 Whisky Hotspots You Need To Visit While In London


You may or may not know it, but I used to live in London. Yeap, right in the heart of formerly-cool-and-alternative Camden Town, where I settled just after turning 18, with my black & pink hair, working as a translator by day and spending all my money attending concerts by night (\m/). I still get this kind of emotional link to London each time I …

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What Alternatives to Glencairn Whisky Glasses?


It is with no doubt the complex and rich aroma in whisky that makes the spirit so charming. . One of the secrets of tasting the complex flavors is in the glass you use and while the composition of the spirit doesn’t change, the size and shape of the glass DOES influence how we perceive the aroma and texture.  . #ShapeMatters . My go-to glass …

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