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Bar Tips: How to Spot The Fake Connoisseur


I know him. You know him – maybe you’ve even been this guy ! The annoying know-it-all-but-actually-knows-nothing-(John Snow). If you’re new to whisky, here are a few situations that will help you spot the guy and avoid him at all costs! –> He has visited one distillery during his honeymoon trip to Scotland 10 years ago and took all the storytelling – he remembers – …

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Embracing the art of slow drinking


I used to be one of those “cool” kids getting shit-faced with cheap booze several times a week when I was younger, probably wilder… But definitely not wiser 😉 – oh don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my fair share of drunken nights out, and drinking warm beer cans outside in a parking lot will never be an obstacle when the occasion calls for …

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Top Tips: how to improve your whisky tasting skills


“how do you get those rosemary honey notes on the nose or those honey-glazed bacon aromas, I can say it’s peaty and herbal but that’s it!“ I got asked this quite a lot during tasting sessions and I see plenty of you feeling a bit discouraged by whisky geeks’ tasting language… No, none of us whisky freaks are born with a perfect palate, we’ve learnt …

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10 rules to make the most out of a whisky festival


While I’m preparing myself for the whisky festival season (Whisky Live Paris, The Whisky Show…), I thought I could share a few tips for you if you’ve never attended any of those great malted reunions! [GIVEAWAY INCLUDED – SCROLL DOWN!] 1 –> Choose the right day to come: Saturday will be packed but sometimes it’s what it takes to have access to some specific bottlings …

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How to share your whisky passion


I received quite a few messages lately asking for my special tips on how to share a passion for whisky so here are the main (and slightly obvious…) solutions I have for you: > Start blogging! I’ve never been able to share as much as I have been sharing those past few years since I started blogging  – I know some think we are already …

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Top tips for the aspiring whisky auction seller


As I tend to receive more and more messages asking me for the Dos and Donts of whisky auctionning (you’re probably not without knowing that I’ve been working as a whisky auctioneer for auction website Catawiki for quite a while now…), I thought it could be useful to put together this quick handy guide for the wannabe whisky auction seller!  [Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging you …

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How To Enjoy Whisky Without Breaking The Bank


You’ve recently discovered an interest for whisky but your budget is far from unlimited (let’s be honest, you still have to pay this extortionately-high monthly gym membership even if it’s been 6 months you haven’t worn your jog pants elsewhere than on your couch binge-watching Netflix), so how to keep discovering new expressions and enhance your malted knowledge whitout breaking the bank? Don’t freak out, …

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