May 2018

Yes, packaging matters !


As recently as yesterday, I came accross a post on social media refering to the new Port Charlotte range and their new design, arguing that the container didn’t have much importance as long as the content was good. It may sound surprising (or not, because I’m such a superficial girl…;) #sarcasmspotted), but I don’t necessarily agree with this statement. “Who cares about the package?” I …

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May 2018: new whiskies you need to try


The whisky world is seriously booming and those are exciting times for us drammers! Not a month passes without my mailbox being flooded by tons of press releases announcing more or less exciting news – I therefore read through all I’ve received so far in May and made a selection for you to highlight what really stood out and tweaked my interest ! Method & …

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Malted Pairings: Whisky & Junk Food


If you’ve been following my malted ramblings for a certain time, you probably know I’m not really team “Whisky & Cigars” when it comes to associate my whisky with another yummy ingredient. In fact, I’ve been trying to push the boundaries of whisky & food pairings lately, and after taking you through the delightful world of whisky & charcuterie, let’s now have a look at …

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In Pictures: Toulouse Whisky Festival


It’s one thing to attend a whisky festival… It’s definitely something else to organise one ! ūüėȬ† If you’re wondering why I was less active than usual those past few weeks, you have your answer now! I was busy preparing what was the very first edition of #ToulouseWhiskyFestival, held last weekend at The Hopscotch Pub & Brewery in Toulouse (well, you guessed that last bit …

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Could this be the solution against whisky counterfeiting ?


Counterfeiting and fakes are one of the main issues in the whisky world those days – and trust me, as a whisky auctioneer, it’s part of my daily routine to spot and try to prevent fakes from entering the secondary market, a task that has been made even more difficult those past few years, as pro counterfeiters have become masters of their “art”… So when …

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New designs and new expressions for Port Charlotte


Bruichladdich Distillery have today announced the relaunch of Port Charlotte, their heavily-peated Islay single malt Scotch whisky. The self-proclaimed Progressive Hebridean Distillers will unveil a new range in distinctive new packaging this summer. “Fans of the smoky Islay malt can be assured that the style of the spirit remains unchanged. Malting as before to a heavyweight 40ppm, the distillery will release four new products in …

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Redbreast releases 32-year-old Dream Cask


Redbreast Irish whiskey, which is produced by Irish Distillers in Midleton Distillery, has launched the¬†Redbreast Dream Cask, which will be available to buy through its online members‚Äô club,¬†The Birdhouse, from World Whisky Day (Saturday 19th¬†May). The release follows requests from consumers and whiskey experts over the past 12 months, and becomes the first in a new series planned for the coming years. Redbreast Dream Cask …

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My Cocktail X Le Comptoir Irlandais


A few weeks ago, Le Comptoir Irlandais (a French chain of shops selling all things Irish, including a nice selection of whiskies…) contacted me and gave me the opportunity to pick a whisk(e)y on their website to create my own cocktail recipe ! As I very much enjoyed taking part in a similar operation back in January with the Spirit of Speyside team (pssst! Check …

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My May Whisky Wishlist


May is probably my favourite month of the year… Days are longer, Sunny temperatures are making a come back for good, people are smiling again, and I can finally sit outside to enjoy a good drink ! And as if all of the above wasn’t enough already, May is also #WhiskyMonth ! So let’s have a look at the liquid wonders I wish I could …

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