August 2017

5 Whisky & Coffee pairings


Tomorrow’s September, I know it’s sad to hear guys but summertime is officially over… It’s time to replace those ugly tropical-printed swimsuits by your usual early morning coffee – don’t make this sad face, you can also have fun with coffee, because like many other things, it goes pretty well with whisky 😀 Here are therefore 5 whisky & coffee pairings you can try!

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How to share your whisky passion


I received quite a few messages lately asking for my special tips on how to share a passion for whisky so here are the main (and slightly obvious…) solutions I have for you: > Start blogging! I’ve never been able to share as much as I have been sharing those past few years since I started blogging  – I know some think we are already …

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GlenDronach releases limited edition in partnership with Kingsman film director


The GlenDronach Distillery has announced the exclusive release of The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1991 Vintage, a unique collaboration with Marv films and Twentieth Century Fox to mark the release of ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’. The GlenDronach was personally selected by Film Director, Matthew Vaughn, for his new Kingsman film as The GlenDronach is his single malt whisky of choice. To create The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition …

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Irish Whiskey ins’t only that “smooth” beverage you heard of


When listening to many whisky tasting hosts trying to explain whisky to a crowd of newcomers, there’s always this point where they’ll take a shortcut. I feel that popularization, while needed I reckon, may sometimes be at least misleading, at worst dangerous – as you’ll be the first one to complain afterwards when reading bullshit articles on Vice. It’s easy to convey myths and clichés …

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Ardbeg adds “An Oa” to core range


Surely this will be the biggest news this week, and what better #MondayMotivation factor than the announcement of Ardbeg adding a new expression to its core range ! At the heart of Ardbeg’s Distillery, in its intriguing new Gathering Room, a smoky, sweet and rounded single malt is taking shape. Ardbeg An Oa (pronounced “an oh”) is inspired by the most untamed part of The …

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Whisky isn’t a goddamn arms race


When discussing with fellow whisky enthusiasts, I often have this weird feeling of an underlying competition or race to performance – Who’s gonna be the most knowledgeable, who has tasted the most whiskies? Yeap, many people keep a record of the number of drams they had as if there was some sort of imaginary exam to pass to be accepted as a true whisky enthusiast. …

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10 underrated entry level Scotchs you need to check


I have the chance to taste so many different and new scotch whiskies all year round (thanks god I’m blogging!), but as I was building the whisky selection for our soon-to-open Whisky bar in Toulouse (FR), I embarked in a very pleasant journey, re-discovering the wealth of entry level malts, that actually have a lot to offer! I know, you’re more into getting your hands …

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3 burning whisky questions


I’ve recently been hosting a few tastings for friends and amongst all the questions that were asked, I thought I would share 3 really relevant ones with you because we all need a bit of whisky education in our lives right? To decant or not to decant? So you’re probably quite familiar with those beautiful crystal jugs, taking all sort of fancy shapes to look …

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Dos and Donts of Whisky Cask investment


“The secondary (auction) market continues to become more important as a growth industry. 2016 was the first time traditional retail routes to market were overlooked in favour of auction for what in effect was a retail/primary market release.” . “Strathearn distillery sold their first 100 bottles of Scotch through Perth-based Whisky Auctioneer rather than seeking a more traditional retail route to market. With the benefit …

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Littlemill unveils 2017 Private Cellar Edition


Littlemill has released Littlemill 2017 Private Cellar Edition – a new limited edition whisky celebrating the last precious drops of single malt from the distillery. Rumoured to be one of the oldest in Scotland, and possibly even the world, the Littlemill distillery has a long and fascinating history. Officially established and producing whisky legally from 1772 in Bowling on the banks of the River Clyde …

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