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Unpopular Opinions (Whisky Edition)

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Rum vs Whiskey

While I’m entering day 7 of quarantine, I thought it was high time for some genuine facts and openly share my “unpopular opinions” when it comes to whisky ! You’ve probably seen this trend all around YouTube a few months ago, and if you’re not familiar with YouTube videos, basically, the idea is to list your bahaviors/preferences which are going against the crowd or what most people do/think.


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–> I don’t own a single bottle of Port Ellen, Karuizawa or Brora and I’m perfectly fine with it. In fact, I even think Port Ellen is highly overrated haha

–> If given the choice, I would pick a Classic Laddie over an Octomore, not because I don’t like peat (you know I do…) just because it’s a damn good whisky and I don’t think the number of PPM makes a dram better (no offense Octomores, you know I like you too!)

–> I’m not part (and don’t want to be part) of any club or “member” society whatsoever. I don’t even participate in discussions on whisky online groups. I don’t enjoy the idea of a “closed circle” in any way (and I really HATE those groups on Facebook, like really.)

–> I ABSOLUTELY ADORE over-the-top “one off” or “world-first” innovations even when they look or sound very gimmicky. Experimentation sounds just too exciting.

–> I would never order a Japanese whisky in a whisky bar

–> I don’t read Whiskyfun, because I most of the time can’t buy the drams reviewed, and yes, I don’t find it any fun at all (no offense to the writers of course, just I’m not the target)

–> I’ve never smoked a cigar, and I really don’t intend to change that.

–> I don’t have a flask (I mean, when would I use a flask anyway ?)

–> I open each and every bottle I buy or receive. Temptation…

–> I’m a sucker for bottle designs. Sometimes, I pick a bottle because they simply look great (also called “Instagram syndrome”)

–> I couldn’t watch more than 5┬á minutes of “Whisky Galore”

–> I’m more excited by wood exploration than excessive levels of PPM (go on carpenters!)

–> I would always suggest putting a few drops of water in your dram… But actually I don’t do it often myself and I freaking love CS whiskies.

–> I don’t know shit about whisky & cheese pairings : I’m allergic to lactose.


What’s your unpopular opinion ? ­čśÇ┬á

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