7 Questions For Keshav Prakash, India-based fine spirits importer

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Weekly Review: Edinburgh Whisky Ltd “The Advocate’s Batch”

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My October Whisky Wishlist

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September happened to be quite intense in the burgeoning whisky world and coming up with this short selection was therefore a bit of a challenge (a pleasant one though) ! Hopefully, polygamist relationships aren’t yet restricted when it comes to liquid treats…

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Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold

Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold

Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold is a 2015 addition to the Highland distillery’s range inspired by the chilly climate up in the remote part of Scotland where their single malt Scotch whisky is distilled – as the label remarks, it was “Crafted by the Cold”. It’s made only with spirit that has been distilled between October and March, and interestingly enough, they suggest that you try serving this expression frozen! Winter’s Gold is rich with toffee, fresh green apple and honey notes – big, sweet flavours which should work rather well when served cold, supported by some robust smoke and golden malt hints.


St George’s Distillery – Chapter 13

St. George's Distillery Chapter 13 / Letter Box

The St. George’s Day 2015 release of the English Whisky Co’s Chapter 13 features an iconic British red postbox. This is deliciously rich and creamy, with notes of toffee and honey.


Glenfarclas 1963 – Family Casks A14 Sherry Cask

Glenfarclas 1963 / Family Casks A14 / Sherry Cask #178

A 1963 vintage entry in Glenfarclas’s Family Casks range, part of the Autumn 2014 releases of single cask bottlings. Bottled in July 2014 it’s a rich old traditional whisky from the distillery, packed full of sherry fruit.


Balcones – Blue Corn Bourbon

Balcones were the first to use blue corn to create a corn whisky, and now they’ve gone and created a bourbon using blue corn in its mashbill too! A big, bold expression from the distillers in Waco, Texas – give it a drop of water to bring out more rich vanillas on the palate and finish…


Kiln Embers – Wemyss Malts

This ought to tickle the fancy of peated whisky lovers – Kiln Embers, a new blended malt Scotch whisky from Wemyss Malts. They say it features double the amount of smoky Islay whisky than Peat Chimney, another excellent expression of theirs. It’s a limited edition release of 12,000 bottles.


BONUS – Whisky litterature: Malt Whisky Yearbook 2016

This indispensable reference book is back for another year with updated information as well as a fresh selection of articles written by some of the most well-regarded writers around and which are worth buying the book for alone.


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