My July Whisky Wishlist


July is my Birthday month, so yeap, I have loads of liquid wishes this month 😀 Daftmill 2005 – Inaugural Release “The Daftmill distillery has finally released its very first whisky! Founded back in 2005, its Lowland single malt has been of age for a while, and many have wondered when Daftmill whisky would make its way into bottles – but the wait is over. …

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My June Whisky Wishlist


Feis Ile 2018 celebrations are just over and here I am releasing this June whisky wishlist with only one of the exciting Feis 2018 bottlings… How dare I?! – Don’t freak out peatyheads, I’m saving them for a future piece (and I even managed to put my hands – from overseas – on the Port Charlotte Heretic so keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming …

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My May Whisky Wishlist


May is probably my favourite month of the year… Days are longer, Sunny temperatures are making a come back for good, people are smiling again, and I can finally sit outside to enjoy a good drink ! And as if all of the above wasn’t enough already, May is also #WhiskyMonth ! So let’s have a look at the liquid wonders I wish I could …

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My April Whisky Wishlist


This past month saw the release of so many exciting expressions that building this wishlist ended up being a very tough job! But here it is, so without further ado, let’s have a look at the liquid wonders that raised by interest… Aberlour Casg Annamh Batch 1 “The first release in Aberlour’s Casg Annamh series! This expression (named after the Gaelic for “rare cask”) is …

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My March Whisky Wishlist


New month means new whisky wishlist around here! And as I’m pursuing my journey into the universe of World Whisky those days, I thought I would highlight a few of those here as well, because great malts are made on all continents, and you’ll be missing out on some incredible drams if you stick to your habits (no Scotch, this isn’t cheating!). Starward 10th Anniversary …

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My February Whisky Wishlist


2018 is flying so fast… It’s February already and I feel like I just realised we started a new year! Needless to say, my way-too-optimistic new resolutions weren’t kept for more than 2 weeks (which was of course predictable… It’s not easy to #DryJanuary when you’re judging the WWA or host whisky tastings – not that I’m complaining though ;)). Anyway, this crazy January schedule …

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My January Whisky Wishlist


It’s not a Dry January for all of us ! I still have the “work duty” excuse anyway ! 😉 But hey, while I’ve been offered so many great drams around Christmas, there are still a few bottles I’m desperately willing to put my hands on. So as usual, let’s have a look at my monthly wishlist, first edition of 2018, Happy New Year everyone …

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My Xmas Whisky Wishlist


So you may be thinking “as a whisky blogger, you get to try all the drams you want you lucky priviledged bastard!” You’re not completely wrong… But you’re definitely not entirely right! I see so many new exciting releases crossing my way all year round without getting to sample them… Which can be frustrating sometimes, but perfect to highlight on my “whisky wishlist” ! 😀 …

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My November Whisky Wishlist


Woop woop! It’s already the beginning of a new month, and while we’re all a bit sad that Halloween and Indian Summer are now officially OVER, I thought a “winter is coming” whisky wishlist would be more than appropriate to get in the festive spirit of those coming months ! The Lakes Distillery – Christmas Baubles “A set of six plastic baubles from the Lakes …

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My October Whisky Wishlist


October is always an exciting time for whisky enthusiasts: whisky festival season, a sea of new releases and Christmas not too far away you can officially start taking notes and build machiavelic plans to be offered the bottles you want #TheDevilInI Here’s therefore some inspiration for your future Xmas liquid wishlists! Green Spot Château Montelena Matured until the combination of wine, whiskey and oak has …

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