March 2015

Whisky, if you were a woman


“Whisky, male or female ?” “Does whisky have a gender ?” I recently came across this fierce debate a couple of times these past few weeks and thought it would almost require an entire thesis to answer such a thorny issue… But within the large and happy spirits family, whisky often stands out as the unclassifiable relative. I like to think that Whisky is actually …

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2015 Best Whisky Blogger of The Year : votes are open !


I’m more than pleased (but also quite surprised !) to announce that The Whisky Lady has been shortlisted amongst the 25 Best Whisky Bloggers by the board from the International Whisky Competition ! Whether you’re a regular reader or a newcomer here, you can prove that women also have their word to say when it comes to whisky by voting for me ! It’s pretty …

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Black Button Distillery, small batch funky spirits of Rochester (NY)


A new face into Rochester culture, Black Button Distillery is the first craft distillery within city limits since prohibition. Found at 85 Railroad St., next door to Rochester staple brewery Rohrbach Brewing Company and just a block from the Rochester Public Market, Black Button is a small batch crowd-funded distillery producing whisky, gin, vodka, moonshine and even a barrel aged maple syrup for our sweet …

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3 ways to bring a touch of Spring to your whisky


Whisky purists will surely hate this article but as milder temperatures and sunny days are just around the corner, you might like to bring a touch of Spring to your favourite tipple. In his introduction to Whisky: The Manual, author Dave Broom says that the idea that whisky is supposed to be sipped neat is actually a recent phenomenon: “At any time when [whisky] reached …

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French entrepreneurs to tackle whisky stereotypes


I was once again indulging in my usual digital hike when I had the pleasure to come across Private Whisky Society, a French whisky tasting company that directly comes to you, so that you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your home. A rather simple concept runned by two friendly entrepreneurs, Guillaume and Alexis, who seem to really enjoy sharing their knowledge …

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Scapa : a Northern Scottish pearl


We’re heading to the scenic Orkney Islands today to discover the second northenmost Scottish distillery (Highland Park Distillery standing only one mile further north). Indeed, beneath the waters of Scapa Flow still lie the hulks of the German war fleet from World War I, scuttled on the orders of von Reuter who was fed up with the slowness of the post-war repatriation negotiations. During World …

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Today is Saint Patrick’s Day (Yeap, thanks for the info Captain Obvious !) and you might be a bit tired of all those “5489254 Irish whiskeys for St Patrick’s Day” posts and their little brothers “Top 10 of the best Irish craft beers to try before you die” (not to mention all the articles about a particular brand or the general “Irish whiskey renaissance” speech …

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Quick summary of an American themed night


Last Friday night (No I’m not quoting this lame Katy Perry song so please don’t start humming it…), this local whisky club that I recently joined (known as “Les passionnés du malt” for the Frenchies wandering on this blog) was organising a special American whiskey themed night at one of the members’ countryhouse. I must admit some were not really attracted by the theme and …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Toulouse (FR) ?


It was mandatory for me to come up with this article, I’ve been living in Toulouse since almost 2 years now and I visited so many places down here. However, whisky isn’t really the most popular drink in this part of the world and trust me, it’s quite a hard process to find a nice bar serving great drams. Here’s my personal selection of whisky-friendly …

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Box Distilleri : “whisky made by experts for experts”


As Scandinavia, and especially Sweden is becoming a world-class whisky producing region – not only thanks to big players like Mackmyra but also via smaller craft distilleries spreading the territory – there’s a lot to learn – AND TASTE – when it comes to Swedish whisky. According to the knowledgeable Nordic whisky enthusiast behind Whisky Saga (Check out my Links page), there are currently 10 …

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