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My Cocktail X Le Comptoir Irlandais


A few weeks ago, Le Comptoir Irlandais (a French chain of shops selling all things Irish, including a nice selection of whiskies…) contacted me and gave me the opportunity to pick a whisk(e)y on their website to create my own cocktail recipe ! As I very much enjoyed taking part in a similar operation back in January with the Spirit of Speyside team (pssst! Check …

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Drams & Dishes: 7 Autumnal combinations


Autumn is probably my favourite season of the year: still warm enough not to put your eskimo-looking coat but chilly enough to rock the leather boots and denim jacket you bought in July waiting for October to come back, not to mention the awesome autumnal colours and… Flavours! Because yeap, it’s still a whisky blog around here so I guess you don’t give a single …

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Rock Your Easter Dinner With Those Whiskies


Yeap, it’s this time of the year again… You’ve been trying to avoid the vision of your little cousin eating his bodyweight in sugary milk chocolate from Tesco those past few years but this Easter, you promised yourself you would join the party one way or another… I’ve got a secret weapon for you.. and you probably guessed it: whisky! But not any whisky… Let’s …

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Whisky for Spring: 5 Drams & Dishes


Yay, sunny days are finally making a long-awaited comeback and you can’t even imagine how happy that makes me feel 😀 And with Spring comes the return of my huge-bowl-of-strawberries-in-front-of-the-TV routine, which I quite missed during those long winter months… Anyway, let’s stop disgressing… Spring isn’t all about “making Anne-Sophie happy again” but also brings its lot of drams & dishes combinations inspiration! Cover Pic: …

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6 Irish Whiskey & Food Pairings for St Patrick’s Day


It’s this time of the year again! You can finally wear this terrible green jumper you’ve been offered at Christmas by someone who obviously doesn’t really care about you, and go pub-crawling your way through the city! Oh… But maybe you’re not from that team anymore? No, You’re now this boring friend organising themed meals for every occasion, and that’s ok, you don’t need to …

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3 Irish Distilleries You May Have Never Heard Of


A few weeks ago, the Embassy of Ireland in London was hosting #SpiritofSharing (organised by Irish food board Bord Bia): a showcase of Ireland’s new generation of drinks producers, and a great occasion to discover new and well-established Irish distillers over a few drinks 😀 ! The event celebrated the renaissance of the Irish drinks industry, with makers sharing their drinks, each produced with great …

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Top Whisky Tips To Score on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you still don’t know how to make good use of your whisky knowledge to turn an inevitably-cheesy date night into a kick-ass wild romantic experience that would straight put you at the top of his/her “best dates of all times” list? Let me try to give you some potentially helpful tips! –> Choose the right place: avoid …

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Rock your Christmas dinner with those Whisky & Food pairings


After fixing your pre-dinner Christmas drinks in this previous article, let’s have a look at what’s on the actual menu! Here are 5 whisky & food pairing inspirations for the festive season, from starters, main course to dessert (If I were you – but you’re probably lucky I’m not – I would even skip the boring after-dinner coffee & replace it with yet another dram. …

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In Search of The Perfect Christmas Dram


Hans Offringa, recognized whisky expert, keeper of the quaich, SMWS ambassador & renowned whisky writer, together with his whisky-loving wife Becky, have been forming “The Whisky Couple” for many years, offering us delicious stories, educative tastings and sharing their passion like no others. Read their thoughts as they embark on a quest to find the perfect Christmas Dram! “Is there such a thing as a …

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