February 2015

Scotland to play central part in craft gin resurgence


Scotland is not only Scotch Whisky, it has now become a fast growing territory for a famous juniper-based spirit, gin.  But if you think gin is a new trend over there, you’re wrong ! While it’s getting more and more popular amongst the young generations and trendy mixologists as a drink of choice, it was once more consumed in Scotland than whisky !  In the …

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3 tasty distillery restaurants for a dramtastic foodie experience


1. The Malt Barn Restaurant, Glenfiddich Distillery (Scotland) Amongst the many reviews (let’s be honest, some of them aren’t pretty good…) you’ll find here and there on the internet, this one sums up pretty well my thoughts about this restaurant: “Superb surroundings inside and out with wonderful service, nothing changes here, still a great varied menu filled with fantastic dishes to choose from, all with …

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Whisky and music pairing : Fylde spirited guitars


I won’t call myself a musician – at all – (Tried to play the flute at highschool but I’d rather forget this incident in my life) but as I have always been surrounded by music lovers and players since as far as I can remember, this article is my personal apology to all the innocent ears I’ve broken singing Frozen out of the tune.  Last …

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Black Mountain, a French social blend


   As part of my promotional campaign trying to recruit members for this new local whisky club that I’m currently creating (ppsssst! Join us !), I happened to pop in a wee shop specialised in French and Belgian craft beers earlier today and came accross this black and white bottle featuring an Occitan cross and containing this welknown golden liquid… Whisky ! After a long …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Prague ?


What’s better to fight the winter cold than indulging in a warm whisky tasting after a long day walking down the paved streets of Prague ? Following my previous article introducing you to Czech whisky, I couldn’t miss the chance to highly recommend 2 perfect whisky spots to stop by for an evening tipple.   1. La Whiskeria  Only a few hundreds meters from the …

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Another gem found on my journey through the wonderful world of World Whisky


Just got back from Czech Republic where I spent these past few days enjoying the astonishing and scenic city of Prague. Amongst many other perks (Think I’m particularly talking about craft beer and the incredible amount of microbreweries in the country), I had the chance to discover the Czech spirit scene. Apart from brandy, absynthe and vodka, Czechs also produce a pretty nice Vintage Single …

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French Whisky : personal notes on the full range of Warenghem Distillery


As a typical little frog, I’m more than proud today to introduce you to one of our national whisky gems, here, in France : Warenghem Distillery. France has indeed a long history of distilling spirits, but until recently those were mostly made from fruits and herbs. Most people associate France with spirits like Cognac & Armagnac (made from grapes), calvados (made from apples) and pastis …

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Distillery cats : from shadow workers to brand ambassadors


Not sure if purring cats napping on the barrels make spirits taste better but I noticed many whisky distilleries are home of our favourite four-legged little friends. As cute as it may sounds, for centuries, cats were not only idle souls wandering through the barrels but real shadow workers of distilleries, their main tasks including hunting mice and birds which could cause real damage to …

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