Help name those distillery cats !


Do you remember, I recently ran a piece on the blog about Lindores Abbey Distillery beloved distillery cat and their hunt for a new “mouser-in-chief” a few months ago? I’m back with another cat-related story 😀 [we all know the internet loves cats right?] “We are very sad to say that Toffee sadly passed away shortly after and we have now welcomed two new additions …

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#BackToSchool – My 10 Whisky-related resolutions


New Year has always called for a fresh start to me! I know, it isn’t technically the beginning of a new year but as you know, my student years ended not that long ago, and I then still consider September as the start of the new year, even more than January actually… #TwistedMind. And in order to enter this new era in a conquering mood, I wanted …

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5 barrel-aged beers you need to try


As my country is currently hosting the Euro UEFA cup this month and all I can hear while walking down the street in Toulouse are supporter songs & the tinkling of beer chops at all the café terraces  (we won’t talk about chair fights and alcohol ban here… And anyway, I think the way-too-colorful jerseys and wigs should be first on the “to ban” list …

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3 Whisky Fun Facts You – may – Not Know


As I was once again going through the pages of one of my favourite whisky books (the French version of “whisky for dummies” written by whisky expert Philippe Jugé) last night, I thought it would be nice to share three of the funny/strange/wtf anecdotes he managed to gather in his highly-educative book. And seriously, if you haven’t read it already… Please put your hands on …

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Celebrate Black Friday in style with those 5 “Black” Whiskies


Smokehead ultra black A longer-aged edition of Smokehead, the popular mystery Islay Single Malt bottled by Ian McLeod Distillers. This Extra Black expression is 18 years old. Bushmills Black Bush Black Bush is a great blend from Bushmills, made up mostly of malt whiskey aged for 11 years in sherry casks before blending. Nikka Pure Malt Black Jim Murray scored different batches of Pure Malt …

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Why you need to give French whisky a chance


No, France isn’t all about tears and sadness those days. It’s also about exquisite whisky (and happiness that comes with it while shared in great company)! France hosts more whisky distilleries than Ireland yet only a few hardcore whisky geeks seem to sing its praises. Indeed, according to the latest figures (as explained by whisky expert Philippe Jugé in the movie “Tour de France des …

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A chat with Drew Mayville, Buffalo Trace’s Master Blender


Drew Mayville has more than 35 years of experience with some of the largest companies in the beverage alcohol industry. Drew is currently the Master Blender and Director of Quality for Sazerac. Since joining Buffalo Trace Distillery (owned by Sazerac) in 2004 as Director of Quality, he has taken on additional responsibilities including new product development. He has worked hands on with all the award-winning …

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#askTWL – A Dramtastic Q&A Session with The Whisky Lady


As I tend to receive a growing number of emails (keep them going, I’m always happy to hear your thoughts, recommendations or advices!) every day through the below contact form or directly by private messages on social media, I thought it could be both fun and useful to combine the best/most frequently-asked questions in a dedicated article! And as I’ll be away for 3 loooong …

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