10 underrated entry level Scotchs you need to check

thewhiskylady - 2017-08-16

Ardbeg adds “An Oa” to core range

thewhiskylady - 2017-08-21

Whisky isn’t a goddamn arms race

thewhiskylady - 2017-08-21

When discussing with fellow whisky enthusiasts, I often have this weird feeling of an underlying competition or race to performance – Who’s gonna be the most knowledgeable, who has tasted the most whiskies? Yeap, many people keep a record of the number of drams they had as if there was some sort of imaginary exam to pass to be accepted as a true whisky enthusiast. Why not, I’m not judging (kidding, I totally am.)

Can we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves just to “keep up” with others? We don’t all have the same financial situation or liver anyway ­čśë

> It’s ok if you don’t get this barbecued-honey-glazed bacon slices aroma in the nose or those celery salt notes on the palate.

> It’s ok if you’ve never been interested or good at science and get instantly bored when people start talking heavy compounds and worm tubes.

> It’s ok if you have no clue about the ins and outs of different barley varieties or you’re sometimes confused with the 1468798 sorts of cask sizes and shapes.

> It’s ok if you don’t have a 50+-yeard-old malt on your shelves.

> It’s ok if your putting this nice bottle in the freezer on a warm day.

> It’s ok if you order a non-craft-at-all cider at the bar – no whisky punishing spirit is watching you.

> It’s ok if you haven’t yet visited all Scotch whisky distilleries, even the most famous ones.

> It’s also ok if you visited them as a “regular” tourist and didn’t have some “behind the scenes/VIP” tour with the master distiller.

> It’s ok if you don’t know shit about Bourbon/Japanese Whisky/Or whatever – know-it-alls are boring anyway.

> It’s ok if you don’t spend half of your monthly salary on whisky auction websites.

> It’s ok if you prefer buying those designer shoes instead of this bottle of Macallan

> It’s ok if you didn’t put your hands on the latest Highland Park, Octomore, Compass Box or whatever trendy bottling.

> It’s ok if you don’t attend 1548854 whisky festivals a year – sometimes it feels great to take whisky vacations.

> It’s ok if whisky remains a simple hobby that doesn’t take 200% of your time – who will blame you for having a life ?

> It’s ok if you’ve never tasted a Port Ellen, a Karuizawa or a Brora.

> It’s ok if you can’t keep your bottles closed – more than ok!

> It’s also ok if you to buy 765871 bottles and keep them closed for investment purposes, it’s your whisky after all.

> It’s ok if you only have a large glass, a plastic cup, a turtle shell or a dusty saucepan, you can still drink that whisky if you want to.





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