October 2016

3 Popular Whisky Myths Debunked #2


The first episode of this new series received quite a lot of praises last time so that encouraged me to come up with the second more quickly than I thought! This second edition is sponsored by my hairdresser (Myth N°3), a random guy met at a whisky tasting last month (Myth N°2) and a fellow whisky enthusiast advising his friend while whisky shopping in Edinburgh …

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Great Value Dram: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked


Nestled amid the rolling hills of bluegrass and thoroughbred farms sits the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery. One of Kentucky’s oldest and smallest distilleries, the present day Woodford Reserve Distillery is built on history, sitting on Kentucky’s oldest distilling site where Elijah Pepper began crafting whiskey in 1812. It was on these same hallowed grounds that years later Master Distiller James Christopher Crow perfected his whiskey-making …

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Speyside Distillery Goes Peaty


Speyside Distillery has launched its first ever peated single malt Scotch whisky as part of a twin release of new limited edition expressions from the SPEY range. But while Fumare – which translates from Latin as smoky – will add a different dimension to the portfolio created by the boutique distillery, Trutina is a nod to its traditions. Trutina also stems from Latin and it …

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You Will Soon Be Able to Drink Whisky From Bordeaux


Moon Harbour is meant to inaugurate its distillery in June 2017 – just in time for world-famous wine & spirits fair Vinexpo – Born in the South-west and having pursued my college education in Bordeaux, I was more than curious to find out more about this French whisky adventure! The Moon Harbour project was born out of a friendship between two men, both passionate about the …

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The Lost Distillery Company releases “Christmas Pudding” whisky


Independent Scotch whisky producer, The Lost Distillery Company, has unveiled a limited edition Jericho Christmas Pudding blended malt whisky for the festive season. The Lost Distillery Company hand-crafts legendary whiskies from long closed distilleries across Scotland with a contemporary twist. The new merry malt is part of the Jericho range, styled on the lost distillery in Nether Jericho, Aberdeenshire which closed in 1913 due to …

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Exploring South-African Whisky with Master Distiller Andy Watts


After exploring Italian, French, Czech, Indian, Swedish and other exotic whisky countries, I’ve now decided to go have a look at what’s currently going on in South-Africa, a well-known territory when it comes to wine, but what about whisky? Andy Watts, Master Distiller at The James Sedgwick Distillery, agreed to answer a few questions and help me in my quest of malted knowledge! First of …

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Why I Don’t Rate The Whiskies I Review


Grades are basically everywhere those days: from restaurants to taxi drivers, we’re always encouraged to rate every experience, every new product put to the terrible test of our ever-demanding taste buds … And whisky is no exception to the rule. Many – if not all – reviews you’ll read in blogs, magazines, books etc. often comprise this xx/100 grade. I’ve chosen not to rate the …

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Weekly Review: Claxton’s Rioja-matured Bruichladdich


In the early years of Scotland’s ancient and most world-renowned industry, many merchants bought single casks of whisky and bottled them as they were, preserving their unique character and flavour. As a family-owned, independent company bound to no single distiller, Claxton’s proudly continue this ancient tradition by hand-selecting individual casks that reach only the highest benchmark. The marriage of wood and spirit in a cask …

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4 Whiskies To Throw The Perfect Halloween Bash


“Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” Let me get this straight: you’re not going to spend yet another Halloween night without a little extra boost to help you go through this boring ritual of answering the door every 5 minutes to another cheap-skeleton-dressed/zombified-Justin-Bieber kid, giving away those several-months-old-chocolate-bars-you-found-at-the-back-of-your-cupboards-in-despair-because-your-obviously-forgot-to-buy-candies (don’t mind me being a psychopath…) . Anyway, why not throw your own …

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Wemyss Malts Launch New Limited Edition Blended Malts Series


Independent bottler Wemyss Malts is releasing three new blended malts to complement its award winning range. Wemyss Malts – Batch Strength is a new range of blended malts that have been blended from a selection of extraordinary casks of single malt whiskies from over 10 Scottish distilleries, each utilising signature malts to define their flavour and aroma as the whisky names suggests. . The first three Batch Strength blended …

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