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In Pictures: visiting Tobermory Distillery


You may have been thinking “com’on Anne-Sophie, no article since last week? What’s wrong with you?!” – nothing wrong let me reassure you (apart from the death of my beloved phone) … Pretty much the contrary actually! I was away for a quick malted escape in Scotland – 4 sunny days in a row (not joking, you’ll see the pictures in an upcoming article…), enjoying …

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In Pictures: Touring Kings County Distillery (NYC)


Kings County Distillery is New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distillery, the first since prohibition. Founded in 2010, the distillery produces handmade moonshine, bourbon, and other whiskeys out of the 117-year-old Paymaster Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  While on his American adventure, I sent my devoted boyfriend (xoxo) to visit this rather recent distillery (and if you’re wondering why I couldn’t make it, just bare in mind you …

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An inside look into the Glenkinchie Distillery


While you can find many ways to quench your thirst for whisky discovery experiences in Edinburgh (you’re actually spoilt for choice here between the SMWS venues, the Scotch Whisky Experience and all the great bars & shops hosting all sorts of malted events throughout the year), there’s still no actual distillery to visit. However, if you really need your Pot Still shot, Glenkinchie Distillery is …

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In Pictures: Visiting the Edinburgh Gin Distillery


While staying in Scotland’s capital city, I couldn’t miss a tour of the Edinburgh Gin Distillery. And after a few failed attempts at booking a tour online (blame the Fringe… Too many people trying to escape the buzzing streets of Edinburgh for an underground ginny escape) – I finally managed to secure a space a few days ago for the Discovery Tour, lasting approx. an …

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An inside look into the Glasgow Distillery


Probably one of my last Glasgow-focused articles as I’m now moving to Edinburgh for a month (be prepared!), but I was more than happy to finally be able to visit the only urban whisky distillery in Scotland [for now… You may all have heard of The Clydeside & Holyrood distilleries’ plans by now… And if you haven’t, we’ll talk more about that later ;)], The …

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In Pictures: inside Brewdog HQ and the new Lone Wolf Distillery


Hey little sippers! Did you know that the world-famous provocative beer chaps of Brewdog are in the process of releasing some spirits of their own? And those highly-anticipated spirits will be produced in their newly-built Lone Wolf Distillery, located in their Ellon HQ. Yes… They basically removed a part of the roof from the stocking area of their brewery N°1 to set up some pretty …

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An inside look into The Glengoyne Distillery


Willing to escape Glasgow and its buzzing city life for the afternoon, we couldn’t go far more than a few miles away…  Choices that day comprised a country escape to Balloch for a picturesque pokemon-catching walk or… A malted getaway to one of Glasgow’s closest distilleries: Glengoyne (still legally classified as an Highland distillery). No need to mention what we finally went for. Glengoyne offers …

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In Pictures: An inside look at The Cragganmore Distillery


Ever wondered how it was inside the Cragganmore Distillery (only visited by approx. 4000 visitors per year… A very small figure compared to many other Speyside distilleries – making it quite a confidential distillery to tour)? So did I! And what a pleasure to be guided around the premises by Distillery Manager Kevin Innes, who really took the time to offer us an in-depth look …

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