August 2015

Weekly Review : Abbey Whisky – ANON


“A family run business founded in 2008, Abbey Whisky Online Whisky Shop specialises in exclusive, rare and old whiskies that have been blessed to us by the many great distilleries from around Scotland. Abbey prides itself on providing its customers with the highest level of customer service, striking the perfect balance of personal touch and professionalism.  Abbey Whisky have managed to convey this through the …

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Your 2015 Whisky Horoscope – Part 1


Have you ever wondered if your astrological sign could have any impact on your whisky preferences ? Probably not (If you answered yes to this rethorical question… Ok I don’t know, you’re just freaking me out!). I’m then more than happy to help you find peace in your inner selves for this year 2015  (which is almost coming to an end now but who cares …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Amsterdam


As you know (or maybe not if you don’t follow my adventures on social media – some of you may not be interested in seeing my cat sleeping in a frying pan after all…) I spent a weekend in the beautiful capital of The Nertherlands a few weeks ago. Alongside the crazy storm (leaving me soaked to the bone wandering for hours in the paved …

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Weekly Review : AnCnoc 18 YRS


About the distillery : In 1892, John Morrison purchased the Knock Estate and farm. Shortly after, he uncovered a spring on Knock Hill’s southern slopes. He found the water to have a superb flavour and sent it to a Distiller’s Company Limited-owned Laboratory in Edinburgh for evaluation. They confirmed the water was indeed of outstanding quality and put up an offer for the site. Morrison …

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8 differences between Whisky Enthusiasts and The Rest of The World


1. You’re the human proof social media are not teenage-only platforms. Indeed, you – surprisingly – reverse common knowledge and Twitter statistics with a followers base composed of nearly 60% to 80% 45+ year-old chaps from Minnesota. 2. Your all time idoles don’t sing half naked in a reconstituted jungle (or totally naked on construction site equipments). They can even show a well thought-after mustache, …

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Great Value Drams : Mackmyra Bruks Whisky


The story of Mackmyra, Sweden’s first whisky distillery, famously began with a ski trip in 1998, when eight friends from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology went on holiday together and all brought bottles of whisky to share. In conversation during the evening, the friends’ national pride was somewhat piqued by the fact that all of them had brought Scotch and discussion turned to how a …

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4 independent whisky bottlers to watch out!


Alongside the rise of craft distilling and its countless micro-tiny-family-owned distilleries (still thinking of installing a pot still in my basement to enter the market – my mother use to make tasty homemade marmalades, I could totally sale my future juice as a recipe inherited from my ancestors’ love of fine gastronomy and traditions…), independent bottlers are also spreading the whisky world, scrupulously sourcing and …

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I tried Time&Oak Whiskey Elements !


Known as one of today’s most accessible Scotch, Monkey Shoulder is blended from a trio of premium Speyside single malts – Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Kininvie. Tasting Notes before adding the whiskey element (The Whiskey Jug) : NOSE Big complex orchard and tropical fruit followed by malty sweetness, red licorice a bit of spice and caramel. The fruit is fantastic, but beyond the rich fruit notes things …

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Great Value Drams : Glendalough 7 Years


As explained on Glendalough’s official website: “The 7 seas bridge 7 continents that some say were made in 7 days. Even the light we see them in splits into 7. It’s the world’s favourite number and some say, a lucky one. But that’s not why we’ve realesed the first of our single malts as a 7 year old. Here at the Glendalough Distillery, we’re not …

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