May 2015

Visitor experience : what would make a distillery stand out from the others ?


I must precise that all the following is clearly a question of personal taste, here’s only my very own point of view, which you may not completely share or even strongly disagree with. I’ve been studying the specific topic of distillery visitor experience for a few years now as part of my tourism management studies (chosing to focus on spirits tourism and more particularly whisky …

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Witch Please : 5 devilicious drams !


  1. Bruichladdich – Black Art 1990 23YRS Bruichladdich’s popular “Black Art”, which is comprised of whisky from a selection of casks that are kept a closely guarded secret. The only information released about this mysterious whisky is that it was distilled in 1990, aged for 23 years during which American and French Oak casks are used and bottled at 49.2% alcohol volume. All other …

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DIY : Get pampered with those 3 whisky face packs


Don’t get fooled by the title, I’m not asking you to waste a single drop of your Highland Park 18 here ! However, I know you must have already experienced this kind of situations when you get a random bottle of whisky as a birthday/Christmas/WhateverYouFancyCelebrating present from that guy, who knowing you like whisky, picked up the first – not that expensive (he hardly knows …

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Tricky question #2 : “What is your favourite whisky ?”


Once again, there’s this one unavoidable question I’ve been asked countless times by both whisky enthusiasts, novices or simply people intrigued by the fact I developed a passion for “such a manly beverage” (No, don’t get me wrong, I surely don’t wanna bore you with this false gender issue everybody seems to have noticed just a few months ago…). And this frequently asked question is …

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3 winning “So British” whisky combinations


1. Compass Box Peat Monster + Extra Mature Cheddar Tasting notes from Whisky Gospel : Nose: Burning coals, salty sea spray and earthy Islay peat feeling (Caol Ila?), cereal and grains, sweet stewed fruits and honey, chimney smoke. Palate: Starts with strong ashes and oak wood taste and later on a sweet concentrated oranges and floral/herbal notes joins in. Some marinated BBQ meat note. Finish: …

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3 stylish places to stay on the malted Isle of Islay


Here we go again, after putting together a selection on Skye and around Speyside, I’m now taking you to one of the most famous whisky islands in the world, the stunning Isle of Islay, with a shortlist of 3 accommodations that have been highly recommended to me by some of my regular malted travellers buddies ! Whether you’re planning to embark on the usual Islay …

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Match your whisky with your favourite Outlander character


After trying to match GoT characters with their whisky soulmates a few weeks ago, I also needed to celebrate the return of one of my favourite shows on Earth, Outlander, who got me completely addicted (I can see you going… No, Jamie isn’t the only reason for this addiction – just one of many ! Who would resist a kilted lad anyway ?). So here …

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3 French (non whisky) distilleries you need to visit


France may be home to more than 20 whisky distilleries, I decided to introduce you today to 3 non-whisky distilling gems that I like to refer to as the “magic 3C” : Cointreau, Calvados & Cognac (I know I could have make it a magic square by adding Chartreuse but I’ve always prefered triangles… – the honest reason being that I just hate don’t like …

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Back to school : 2 academies to enhance your whisky knowledge


1. The Irish Whiskey Academy – Ireland – Enthusiast package 2 days – €1199   “Whether you’re a whiskey expert, budding enthusiast or new to the world of whiskey, a visit to the Irish Whiskey Academy is guaranteed to be a memorable and informative experience. The Enthusiast Academy (other packages available) is 2 a day offering during which we’ll show you how whiskey is crafted …

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My May Whisky Wishlist


Woop woop ! It’s already time for a new spirited wishlist, this month is a bit special in the widening whisky world as today marks the beginning of “Whisky Month” celebrations (And I know many of you will be attending popular malted events this month such as Feis Ile in Islay or the no-less famous Spirit of Speyside Festival – kicking off today – no …

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