Rock Your Easter Dinner With Those Whiskies


Yeap, it’s this time of the year again… You’ve been trying to avoid the vision of your little cousin eating his bodyweight in sugary milk chocolate from Tesco those past few years but this Easter, you promised yourself you would join the party one way or another… I’ve got a secret weapon for you.. and you probably guessed it: whisky! But not any whisky… Let’s …

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3 Whisky Geek Tricks You Need To Know


I tend to receive more and more messages on a daily basis asking me all sort of whisky-related questions. I therefore realised quite a lot of you were interested in learning some “insider” whisky geek tricks, so here are 3 of them! Parafilm FTW – You’ve recently bought this highly-collectible/crazy expensive bottle at auctions and you want to keep it for a special occasion? Don’t …

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Where Can You “Blend Your Own” Whisky?


While homebrewing is becoming more trendy than ever (and trust me I know what I’m talking about… My partner has recently turned an entire room in our appartment as some sort of Beer Lab… That’s also how I realised hops smelled a bit like weed and my neighbours may be wondering what we’re doing down there…), you may want to up your game and try …

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Whisky for Spring: 5 Drams & Dishes


Yay, sunny days are finally making a long-awaited comeback and you can’t even imagine how happy that makes me feel 😀 And with Spring comes the return of my huge-bowl-of-strawberries-in-front-of-the-TV routine, which I quite missed during those long winter months… Anyway, let’s stop disgressing… Spring isn’t all about “making Anne-Sophie happy again” but also brings its lot of drams & dishes combinations inspiration! Cover Pic: …

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Whisky Subscription Boxes: A Comparative Study


You’re probably already familiar with the concept of subscription boxes : a monthly/bi-monthly selection of products you receive straight to your doorstep, designed around a specific theme. Beauty, food, dog & cat accessories, books and even panties (yes, true story !), there’s something to suit every taste and that shouldn’t come as a surprise : whisky lovers also have their own subscription services ! And each of those has …

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Black Mountain: when Whisky meets Armagnac


I had the chance to pay a quick visit to the Black Mountain Whisky guys earlier this week (not sure if that makes up for the Scottish trip I had planned last weekend and sadly had to postpone but hey… ) far deep into the Gers region (Southwest France for those who may not be very familiar with French geography ;)), for a morning warehouse …

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5 whiskies made from unusual grain


When it comes to whisky production, all-mighty Barley is often king in its castle, while corn, rye & wheat come as its usual vassals, but did you know that whisk(e)y could actually be made from other cereals? As I often like to remind you, we’re living some really exciting times for the industry, a craft golden age where innovation/experimentation now lies at the forefront of …

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Drams & Dishes: 9 Wintery Whisky and Food pairings


You’re probably already familiar with the trendy concept of Hygge (and if you’re not, Google is a helpful friend) – now let’s say you’re all wrapped up in your fake fur blanket by the fireplace, some expensive ginger-bread scented candles lit up in the room & your purring cat sleeping next to you, there’s still something missing to turn this cosy quality time into a …

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Rock your Christmas dinner with those Whisky & Food pairings


After fixing your pre-dinner Christmas drinks in this previous article, let’s have a look at what’s on the actual menu! Here are 5 whisky & food pairing inspirations for the festive season, from starters, main course to dessert (If I were you – but you’re probably lucky I’m not – I would even skip the boring after-dinner coffee & replace it with yet another dram. …

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3 of the weirdest whisky by-products


Are you still trying to find inspiration for some last minute Christmas gift? Want to offer a whisky-related gift to your malt maniac friend but he already has 164987 bottles you’re not sure which one to pick? Why not look out of the box for other boozy options with a funny/weird/WTF twist? Here are 3 ideas for you! Scotch infused Toothpicks (What the actual f***?!) …

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