April 2015

Braunstein Whisky : a promising Danish single malt


A Nordic step into my world whisky journey today as I had the chance to sample two expressions from the Danish Braunstein Distillery. The samples came in test tubes (along with a gin, vodka and rum also produced by the distillery ) within a classy padded box. This “Library collection” set proved to be a perfect introduction to Braunstein‘s spirits, offering a relevant overview of …

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London long-overdue Drinks Market to kick off this week


As I was browsing through the web and visiting my usual “food & drink” information websites (my morning routine – just after grabbing a bowl of low-fat cereals –  since my college teachers forced me to “keep myself informed at all times” by sadistically preparing tricky writing tests about the latest news in ENTER THE NAME OF A RANDOM REMOTE TRIBE HERE), I came accross …

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The Whisky Affair : a single malt fuelled novel


The Whisky Affair is not your usual whisky book : it’s not going to provide you with a complete A-Z guide of all the Scottish/Irish/Japanese/WhateverWhiskyProducingCountry distilleries nor will it tell you all about the great whisky history through dates, facts & figures. The Whisky Affair is more of an entertaining easy-to-read spirited novel immersing its reader in a world of love, murder, Machiavellian plots and… …

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3 stylish places to stay for a Speyside whisky retreat


Located in the North-eastern part of Scotland, Speyside truly is the heart of Scotch whisky, hosting over half the distilleries in the country and therefore known as the “golden triangle” of malt ! Speyside happens to be a mandatory step in any self-respecting whisky aficionado’s spirited journey, offering a wide array of attractions, food & drink experiences but also accommodation options. Following my selection on …

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3 French-style whisky combinations


1. Mackmyra Bruks Whisky & Foie Gras “The bouquet is fresh, light and crisp with intriguing notes that immediately astound – creamy vanilla, citrus, orange peel, manuka honey, fragrant flowers, pot pouri, sweet tree sap, warm baklava with nuts and honey, raspberry and milk bottle lollies, perfumed soaps, mild licorice, incense and hints of smoke. On the palate the whisky is extraordinarily balanced and offers …

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Swally Shirts : when whisky meets fashion


“Swally Shirts is a Glasgow-based t-shirt design company specialising in whisky and other drink-related t-shirts. The designs are fun and simple, giving fans of good quality drinks a way of showing their love of their favourite tipple !” Reading this statement (and as my shopping sprees for whisky is almost as similar as the ones for new clothes), I must admit I was more than …

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Know your Gin Geography : 4 capitals, 4 gins !


Not a whisky post today as I wanted to introduce you to 4 amazing craft gins coming from 4 different countries ! Whether it is in fashion or spirits, trends often begin from big and dynamic cities before spreading the whole territory. On the menu of today’s spirited geography class, I’m taking you to 4 buzzing cities producing their own juniper-based spirit, Seat back and …

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West Coast Cruises : let whisky float your boat !


The West Coast of Scotland definitely stands out at one my favourite regions in the world, not only offering sumptuous views, historical wonders and natural beauties but also allowing you to experience unique tasty cruises following special whisky-themed itineraries ! Discovering whisky-producing islands of Scotland across the water – sometimes with lectures & tastings directly organised aboard your boat – is a truly one-of-a-kind adventure …

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Answering the great “why whisky” question


There’s one unavoidable question which always comes up while meeting fellow whisky enthusiasts : Why Whisky ? What made you love this shiny beverage that much you started writing a blog about it ? To be honest, I wasn’t a heavy whisky drinker at all when I was younger, barely sipped some Label 5/William Peel mixed with poor quality coke while hanging out with my …

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3 seriously cool places to stay on Skye


There’s a remote but famous part of Scotland that every visitor touring the country should definitely visit : The Isle of Skye, an incredibly scenic island featuring breath-taking landscapes and stunning places to stay, whether you’re travelling on a budget or looking for luxury getaways. The Isle of Skye is also welknown amongst whisky enthusiasts for hosting Talisker Distillery and its state-of-the-art visitor centre, which …

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