Malted Pairings: Whisky & Junk Food


If you’ve been following my malted ramblings for a certain time, you probably know I’m not really team “Whisky & Cigars” when it comes to associate my whisky with another yummy ingredient. In fact, I’ve been trying to push the boundaries of whisky & food pairings lately, and after taking you through the delightful world of whisky & charcuterie, let’s now have a look at …

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Malted Pairings: Whisky & Charcuterie


You’ve all heard and/or tried whisky & food pairings by now (come on, they’re becoming even trendier than whisky cocktails those days!), you all know whisky goes pretty well with chocolate and makes the perfect couple with cheese, but did you know you could take your taste buds to an even tastier destination? Try charcuterie with your whisky ! (disclaimer: this article isn’t vegan friendly). …

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5 Whisky & Coffee pairings


Tomorrow’s September, I know it’s sad to hear guys but summertime is officially over… It’s time to replace those ugly tropical-printed swimsuits by your usual early morning coffee – don’t make this sad face, you can also have fun with coffee, because like many other things, it goes pretty well with whisky 😀 Here are therefore 5 whisky & coffee pairings you can try!

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Whisky in Summer: 5 Drams & Dishes


It’s high time you get this barbecue out of the garage and invite some friends over ! Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the delights of summer berries, yummy ice creams, honey-glazed-barbecued ribs & long nights sipping your favourite drinks… I know whisky isn’t the most popular beverage when hot temperatures start coming back but hey, gotta do what you gotta …

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6 Irish Whiskey & Food Pairings for St Patrick’s Day


It’s this time of the year again! You can finally wear this terrible green jumper you’ve been offered at Christmas by someone who obviously doesn’t really care about you, and go pub-crawling your way through the city! Oh… But maybe you’re not from that team anymore? No, You’re now this boring friend organising themed meals for every occasion, and that’s ok, you don’t need to …

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Pairing: Match Your Whisky with your… Dog!


It’s not a secret anymore around here… I’m a crazy cat lady. But did you know that one of my hidden desires (amongst many others like owning a proper dressing room, playing the guitar like John Petrucci and having long healthy hair) was to be the lucky owner of a dog? While I try not to succumb to the fluffy temptation, I still found it …

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Match your whisky with your favourite Pokemon


“Oh My F* God!” is all I could think of when I heard the Pokemon Go app was to be launched (still waiting for it to be released in France though… Rrrrr), and I’m now all excited about going out chasing some Nidorans, Clefairies and other Meowths 😀 – But as I never forget my first passion (yeah, you guessed it… Whisky), I couldn’t help …

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Pairing: Match your whisky with your favourite Disney character


Because I do believe whisky doesn’t have to be so serious all the time – and because I am more than tired of all those long-lasting NAS and/or transparency debates that just don’t go anywhere – can we just stop talking phenols, too-high prices, investment and legal issues for a second and focus on lighter things… Such as… Let me think… Pairing drams with Disney characters? …

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The unusual pairing: Match your whisky with 2016 oscar-winning movies


After we all cried tears of joy during the latest Oscar ceremony when Leonardo Dicaprio finally got his statue and seized the occasion to defend our beloved planet Earth (yes, perfection now has a name and it’s Leonardo… Lesson #12 of my “How to be genuinely subjective in 100 lessons” guide – soon at your local bookstore), I thought it could be interesting funny and …

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