In Pictures: Toulouse Whisky Festival

thewhiskylady - 2018-05-21

May 2018: new whiskies you need to try

thewhiskylady - 2018-05-25

Malted Pairings: Whisky & Junk Food

thewhiskylady - 2018-05-23

If you’ve been following my malted ramblings for a certain time, you probably know I’m not really team “Whisky & Cigars” when it comes to associate my whisky with another yummy ingredient. In fact, I’ve been trying to push the boundaries of whisky & food pairings lately, and after taking you through the delightful world of whisky & charcuterie, let’s now have a look at an association that may sound like blasphema to some of you: Whisky & Junk Food (yes, whisky blasphema is actually my comfort zone)!

Here are a few combinations to embark on this new exquisite journey…




Cover pic: parallelwinebistro

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