December 2017

10 Facts you may not know about Japanese Whisky


Since I started this blog, you’ve been asking many questions about Japanese Whisky – and while I’m not a strong believer that whisky from the land of the rising sun is the best in the world (Remember, I think there’s no “best whisky in the world” ;)) – One cannot but admit that the Japanese know their dram!  There’s a lot of bullshit being said …

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My 2017 Top 10 Picks (for every budget)


After a quick reflection on my Memorable Whisky Moments of 2017 earlier this week, it’s high time I get into the topic you’re all waiting for… My personal favourite drams of this past year! I have probably tasted more whiskies in 2017 than ever before, it was therefore more than a challenge to pick just a few of those, I’ve tried to narrow down my …

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Tasting the peatiest whisky in the world


Earlier this year, the progressive distillers of Bruichladdich have released their Octomore Eights series, 4 heavily-peated whiskies following the path of their smoky predecessors but one of them took peat to a whole new level… Let’s have a look at Octomore 8.3, said to be the most peated whisky in the world with 309 PPM on the label ! (New to whisky and want to …

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The rebirth of silent distilleries: am I excited ?


Like the legend of the Phoenix… ooh ooh – Diageo recently (well, not that recently anymore… ) announced they were to re-open their sleeping beauties Port Ellen and Brora by 2020, quickly followed by a second breaking news in the whisky world: Rosebank was to distill again as well! And those 2 announcements instantly gave birth to a whole online war between the usual dark …

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My Xmas Whisky Wishlist


So you may be thinking “as a whisky blogger, you get to try all the drams you want you lucky priviledged bastard!” You’re not completely wrong… But you’re definitely not entirely right! I see so many new exciting releases crossing my way all year round without getting to sample them… Which can be frustrating sometimes, but perfect to highlight on my “whisky wishlist” ! 😀 …

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Introducing the #WhiskyTag


It may be a neurosis of my generation for some, but I’ve been feeding myself with YouTube videos since many years: from whisky tastings to make-up tutorials and travel vlogs. Anyway, there’s this popular concept on YouTube, it’s called a “tag” (and we’re not talking about those keyword labels) and it’s basically a series of questions asked on a specific theme, meant to be shared and …

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12 Drams of Christmas #2: Chichibu IPA Cask Finish


Let’s pursue our malted christmassy adventures with the second featured whisky from my “12 drams of Christmas” series, which happens to be one of the latest limited editions from the world-famous Japanese distillery Chichibu – their IPA Cask Finish expression! One thing I should mention before getting started, I’ve always been disappointed with IPA-finished whiskies so far… So let’s see if the Japanese can do …

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Inchdairnie goes back to the future with first release


InchDairnie Distillery has underlined its innovative intentions with the news that its first release, Ryelaw, will be a groundbreaking ‘rye whisky’ that brings together elements of Scotch whisky and American rye whiskey. Ryelaw, which is made with a high proportion of malted rye, the key component in American rye whiskey, and also malted barley, the key ingredient in Scotch whisky, is being distilled at the Fife Distillery on Friday …

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12 Drams of Christmas #1: Green Spot Château Montelena


Oh my god, it’s December already… The whisky season is in full swing, and as every Autumn/Winter, delicious malted samples are piling up on my shelves waiting to be reviewed. I’ve then decided to do what basically all whisky bloggers do in December, a “12 drams of Xmas” series, highlighting a new whisky every 2 day around here until Christmas Day! Oh, and this series …

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