Whisky Live Paris 2019 : Favourites


It felt like a very long time I hadn’t attended a whisky festival and Whisky Live Paris 2019 last weekend was just the perfect occasion to quench my thirst for new drams ! This year, the festival was held in a brand new location (Grande Halle de la Villette), bigger than ever, which made it very hard (I mean, completely impossible) for me to visit …

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Favourite 2019 new whisky releases


Guess who’s back ? Back again… No seriously, I know I said I would be more active around here in my last post, which was like 6 months ago x) Yet, I’m done apologizing for having a life 😉 I haven’t stopped drinking whisky, I’m not pregnant either (those shiny long hair are just a lure guys, I got extensions and great Instagram filters don’t …

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10 rum-cask finished whiskies you need to try


After focusing on sherry bombs, Irish whiskeys, Rye whiskies and port-cask finished delicacies, you’ve been asking for the series to continue – so here I am, back with another episode of my “must-try”,  this time focusing on rum-cask finished whiskies ! As weird or disappointing as it may sound, I’ve never really been into rum as such (and yes, before you ask, I’ve tried many) …

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March Sample Clearance: favourite drams


It’s already episode 2 of my new monthly “sample clearance” series – and what a great month it was on the liquid sunshine planet ! 🙂 Here’s what I received, purchased and tasted this past month: / = I’ll pass ♥ = enjoyable ♥♥ = great ♥♥♥ = awesome Criteria include my personal taste but also the value for money, experimentation in distillation/maturation techniques, packaging and overall …

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February Sample Clearance: favourite drams


Here we are! I’m finally starting this new series on the blog, meant to replace the usual whisky reviews I used to write from time to time. If you want to understand why I decided to switch to this format, you’ve got all the explanations here 😉 Here’s what I received, purchased & tasted this month: / = I’ll pass ♥ = enjoyable ♥♥ = great ♥♥♥ …

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#SummerFavourites: 8 drams that made my Summer


I couldn’t be more sad to say that but yes… Summer has now almost come to an end :'( – but the good news is (cheer up drammers!) that I actually had the occasion to taste sooo many new drams this last couple of months (taking advantage of being in Scotland for a little while) – I then thought it could be nice to pick …

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