Season’s special

Rock your Christmas Dinner with those cocktail ideas


Ok, this Christmas, it’s high time you stop pouring those annoying new world red wine & fancy Champagne you bought in a hurry at the airport duty free when coming back home after your last business trip. There’s so much more to explore when it comes to Christmassy drinks and the below cocktail ideas may be a good start! (Let’s face it, you need to …

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Whisky Experts Reveal Their Christmas Day Dram!


I’m so excited¬†and I just can’t hiiide it to kick off this very special Christmas series today ūüėÄ – I’ve taken advantage of the large network of inspiring drammers I’ve built over the years to ask them this very simple question “What dram will you be enjoying this year for Christmas?” – In this first episode, we’ll then see what Mark Dermul, Sean Murphy, Andy …

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5 Whisky-fuelled gifts for a boozy Christmas


WOW WOW WOW. It’s already this time of the year again! We were still wandering around in our neon-pink swimsuits, poolside, sipping on coconut milk straight from the coconut¬†(well, for the luckiest of us… I wasn’t part of this team though, I was more the one already shopping for scarves and gloves in Edinburgh in the middle of August) a few months back and yet …

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4 Whiskies To Throw The Perfect Halloween Bash


“Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” Let me get this straight: you’re not going to spend yet another Halloween night without a little extra boost to help you go through this¬†boring ritual of answering the door every 5 minutes to another cheap-skeleton-dressed/zombified-Justin-Bieber kid, giving away¬†those several-months-old-chocolate-bars-you-found-at-the-back-of-your-cupboards-in-despair-because-your-obviously-forgot-to-buy-candies¬†(don’t mind me being a psychopath…) . Anyway, why not throw your own …

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Whisky Shopping: my 10 favourite drams under £50


While the sales period is currently in full swing around here – summer-style neon swimsuits and inelegant wedge sandals shamelessly colonising retail shelves – I thought it was high time for me to write this long-overdue piece (I received countless messages on social media asking me for my favourite “not-too-expensive” whiskies, and trust me the choice is highly difficult – Yes, I know a lot …

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5 barrel-aged beers you need to try


As my country is currently hosting the Euro UEFA cup this month and all I can hear while walking down the street in Toulouse are supporter songs & the tinkling of beer chops at all the caf√© terraces ¬†(we won’t talk about chair fights and alcohol ban here… And anyway, I think the way-too-colorful jerseys and wigs should be first on the “to ban” list …

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Father’s Day Special: A Whisky Gift Guide for spirited daddies


For the gourmet: Craft Whisky Club’s yummy boxes A¬†recently-launched Scottish start-up has decided to¬†bring the best of craft whisky and Scottish artisan delicacies straight to your doorstep (and with an entry package at 26.95¬£ comprising a full size bottle, this sounds like Heaven right? ‚Äď wait a few months and I‚Äôm sure a complimentary basket of kittens will complete the offer)! The company has already …

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Season’s Special: 3 refreshing ways to enjoy your whisky


Spring has finally arrived (well at least in my part of the world, I do apologize in advance for my Northern friends,¬† you may be thinking this article isn’t relevant at all…), trees bursting into buds, tulips pushing their way through the ground and Topshop already filling its shelves with colorful swimsuits – but I’m still there, under my blanket, trying to enjoy what’s left …

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3 New Irish Whiskey Distilleries to Watch Out


“Waterford Distillery is a major new whiskey project by the man behind the renaissance of Islay’s Bruichladdich single malt whisky (aka Mark Reynier)” – this statement should on its own be a perfect reason to keep on eye on what’s going on at Waterford! Early December, the very first trial spirit run took place at Ireland‚Äôs new Waterford Distillery, just one year and four months …

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