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thewhiskylady - 2015-10-14

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#askTWL – A Dramtastic Q&A Session with The Whisky Lady

thewhiskylady - 2015-10-20


As I tend to receive a growing number of emails (keep them going, I’m always happy to hear your thoughts, recommendations or advices!) every day through the below contact form or directly by private messages on social media, I thought it could be both fun and useful to combine the best/most frequently-asked questions in a dedicated article!


And as I’ll be away for 3 loooong weeks eating unidentified stuff in Asia (don’t get me wrong, travelling isn’t all about eating… Kidding, it is.), you’ve got plenty of time to scroll down the page and use the below form (or you can also directly email me at [email protected]/ Subject line: I know you’re on holiday but I’ve got a question for you!) to send your questions (whether they are totally relevant or particularly pointless).

You can also post your questions on Twitter [Tag: @the_whisky_lady] – #askTWL


Enter this dramtastic Q&A session until 16th of November !


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