Straight from Finland: Discover The Kyro Distillery Company


  Spirits Our whisky is made from 100% malted rye and first batch will be ready in 2017. It is double distilled and aged in new American white oak casks in the cheese aging store room at the dairy. The rye-based gin boasts twelve dry botanicals and four freshly distilled, local botanicals foraged or picked nearby: meadow sweet, sea-buckthorn, birch leaves and wild cranberry. Location …

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My April Whisky Wishlist


Not an April fool today (would be too obvious…) but my monthly spirited wishlist ! It was actually quite hard to come up with this shortlist this month, so many great products that I’m craving to count on my whisky shelves, but my reasonable side fought a bloody battle against its devil consumer counterpart and I finally pulled myself together and managed to stick to …

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3 ways to bring a touch of Spring to your whisky


Whisky purists will surely hate this article but as milder temperatures and sunny days are just around the corner, you might like to bring a touch of Spring to your favourite tipple. In his introduction to Whisky: The Manual, author Dave Broom says that the idea that whisky is supposed to be sipped neat is actually a recent phenomenon: “At any time when [whisky] reached …

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Quick summary of an American themed night


Last Friday night (No I’m not quoting this lame Katy Perry song so please don’t start humming it…), this local whisky club that I recently joined (known as “Les passionnés du malt” for the Frenchies wandering on this blog) was organising a special American whiskey themed night at one of the members’ countryhouse. I must admit some were not really attracted by the theme and …

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My March whisky wishlist


Hey whisky buddies, it’s already time for this month’ whisky wishlist ! You may now know that my student monthly income doesn’t allow me to purchase all the liquid wonders I’d like, but as I still think that one of my relatives will one day end up on this blog and come accross those lists I lovingly put together thinking “well, this will make a …

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