Where Can You “Blend Your Own” Whisky?

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Asian Whisky is NOT the “best in the world”

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10 World Whisky Fun Facts

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the Italian Puni distillery matures part of its stock in a derelict bunker dating back to WWII.

Mackmyra is also matured underground, in a former mine called the Bodås Mine, where the temperature remains around 7°C all year round (amongst other uncommon maturation spots: Chugoku Jozo in Japan have been putting its cask for aging in a 100-meter long ancient railway tunnel!). 

Box has bottled a limited edition whisky selected by metal band In Flames.

France has more whisky distilleries than Ireland #NotBraggingButStill

Kavalan is NOT the only distillery in Taiwan: the Nantou Distillery has recently released a single malt called Omar.

Brenne is a French single malt made in the Cognac region… By a New-Yorker. There’s more? Founder Allison Patel is also a former ballerina.

Aurora Spirit in Norway is the northernmost distillery in the WORLD while the Cardrona Distillery in New Zealand is the southernmost whisky distillery in the world!

India is the largest whisky market in the world.

Residents of Singapore drink about 13 bottles of Scotch per year – making them the largest Scotch whisky consuming market per capita in the world.

South-African James Segdwick Distillery‘s master distiller is a former professional Cricket player.


Cover Pic: Brenne by Cocktail Enthusiast

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