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10 World Whisky Fun Facts


  the Italian Puni distillery matures part of its stock in a derelict bunker dating back to WWII. Mackmyra is also matured underground, in a former mine called the Bodås Mine, where the temperature remains around 7°C all year round (amongst other uncommon maturation spots: Chugoku Jozo in Japan have been putting its cask for aging in a 100-meter long ancient railway tunnel!).  Box has bottled a limited …

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Black Mountain: when Whisky meets Armagnac


I had the chance to pay a quick visit to the Black Mountain Whisky guys earlier this week (not sure if that makes up for the Scottish trip I had planned last weekend and sadly had to postpone but hey… ) far deep into the Gers region (Southwest France for those who may not be very familiar with French geography ;)), for a morning warehouse …

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5 whiskies made from unusual grain


When it comes to whisky production, all-mighty Barley is often king in its castle, while corn, rye & wheat come as its usual vassals, but did you know that whisk(e)y could actually be made from other cereals? As I often like to remind you, we’re living some really exciting times for the industry, a craft golden age where innovation/experimentation now lies at the forefront of …

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You Will Soon Be Able to Drink Whisky From Bordeaux


Moon Harbour is meant to inaugurate its distillery in June 2017 – just in time for world-famous wine & spirits fair Vinexpo – Born in the South-west and having pursued my college education in Bordeaux, I was more than curious to find out more about this French whisky adventure! The Moon Harbour project was born out of a friendship between two men, both passionate about the …

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French Whisky Black Mountain to experience sea maturation


French whisky Black Mountain to partner with sail transport company TOWT  (TransOceanic Wind Transport) for a one-of-a-kind sea maturation experience. Departing from the banks of Bordeaux right a month ago (May 2) on board of an old tuna seiner called « La Nébuleuse » and sailing from Northern Brittany to Bordeaux, the Black Mountain N°2 cask will then be transshipped in Dourdenez on the magnificient « Grayhound …

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My April Whisky Wishlist


No April fool today (would have been too obvious…) but my usual monthly whisky wishlist! And I haven’t been that enthusiastic about a wishlist in a while! All the below nectars – from newcomers to well-established brands & even a phoenix rising from its ashes – I’m particularly happy with the diversity and consistency of this month’ selection. As usual, click on titles for direct …

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3 Alternative Whisky Destinations To Visit In 2016


Famous for its stunning beauty of snow capped mountains, tranquil forest and sweeping green vistas – it comes as no surprise that New Zealand has some of the purest air and water on earth. With the exceptional natural resources and a history of distillation, New Zealand is the perfect setting for producing world class whisky. Indeed, the South Island of New Zealand has a long …

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Why you need to give French whisky a chance


No, France isn’t all about tears and sadness those days. It’s also about exquisite whisky (and happiness that comes with it while shared in great company)! France hosts more whisky distilleries than Ireland yet only a few hardcore whisky geeks seem to sing its praises. Indeed, according to the latest figures (as explained by whisky expert Philippe Jugé in the movie “Tour de France des …

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Weekly Review : Brenne French Single Malt


I know many of you expected this article to arrive sooner or later… I was fortunate enough (or incredibly lucky) to meet and work alongside Allison Patel, the talented American-born founder of Brenne, a pretty unique 100% French Single Malt. We were indeed showing her malted jewel to the French crowds at the first-ever French Spirits Fair, Quintessence, held in Paris a few days ago, …

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