puni distillery

10 World Whisky Fun Facts


  the Italian Puni distillery matures part of its stock in a derelict bunker dating back to WWII. Mackmyra is also matured underground, in a former mine called the Bodås Mine, where the temperature remains around 7°C all year round (amongst other uncommon maturation spots: Chugoku Jozo in Japan have been putting its cask for aging in a 100-meter long ancient railway tunnel!).  Box has bottled a limited …

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Exploring Italian Whisky with PUNI Distillery


PUNI distillery is the first and only whisky distillery in Italy and was established in 2010 as a family business by Albrecht and Daniela Ebensperger and their two sons, Jonas und Lukas. The distillery is located in the very north of Italy in the heart of the Italian Alps on the border with Austria and Switzerland. The clear alpine water, locally sourced grains, traditional copper pot stills from Scotland and …

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