Special Review: Flaviar Tasting Pack


What is Flaviar? “Flaviar is a club of spirits lovers and enthusiasts who want to discover new drinks. To help in this quest, we send our members a tasting pack of new and exciting flavours every month. We’re very, very, very, very… arrrrrrr obsessed with awesome drinks and passionate about connecting those that like to be flaviarized (we just made this one up; it means …

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#MeetAlexIRL A day with the Pernod Ricard team – InstaSummary


Yesterday was definitely not my usual kind of day (it actually didn’t even start with an hour-long inner struggle with myself to decide whether I’d rather sleep a bit more or have some breakfast…), I had the chance to spend a day in Paris to meet Alexandre Ricard and the (f*******) A-MA-ZING team behind the second largest wine & spirits group in the world. Here’s …

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7 questions for Matthieu de Gottal


While spending some time in England earlier this year, I had the chance to quench my thirst for great chocolate & spirits with the wonderful creations from Matthieu de Gottal, the Willy Wonka of the Cotswolds! Naturally, when I thought about this new “7 questions for…” series, Matthieu came to mind to inaugurate those new spirited interviews, aiming at introducing you to different whisky-related talents …

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Weekly Review : Hyde Irish Whiskey 10YRS


Stuart McNamara, founder & editor at IrishWhiskey.com, explains that Hyde Whiskey in Skibereen is actually a new Irish whiskey venture and is not to be confused with any other whiskey companies in West Cork. In common with most new Irish Whiskey Start Ups, their initial release is based on a high quality offering that Hyde have worked their magic on from an established distillery. In …

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Distillery


1. Because an increasing number of distilleries are opening their doors to the public in every corner of the planet. So whether you’re touring New Zealand or sunbathing in Menorca, there will always be a spirit-producing facility to welcome you. 2. Because distilleries reflect a territory, its people, its history & traditions and have proved to be a very unique way to deeply immerse into …

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Know your Gin Geography : 4 capitals, 4 gins !


Not a whisky post today as I wanted to introduce you to 4 amazing craft gins coming from 4 different countries ! Whether it is in fashion or spirits, trends often begin from big and dynamic cities before spreading the whole territory. On the menu of today’s spirited geography class, I’m taking you to 4 buzzing cities producing their own juniper-based spirit, Seat back and …

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My March whisky wishlist


Hey whisky buddies, it’s already time for this month’ whisky wishlist ! You may now know that my student monthly income doesn’t allow me to purchase all the liquid wonders I’d like, but as I still think that one of my relatives will one day end up on this blog and come accross those lists I lovingly put together thinking “well, this will make a …

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