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thewhiskylady - 2015-03-29

My April Whisky Wishlist

thewhiskylady - 2015-04-01

Whisky, if you were a woman

thewhiskylady - 2015-03-30
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“Whisky, male or female ?”

“Does whisky have a gender ?”

I recently came across this fierce debate a couple of times these past few weeks and thought it would almost require an entire thesis to answer such a thorny issue… But within the large and happy spirits family, whisky often stands out as the unclassifiable relative.

I like to think that Whisky is actually a woman : classy, secretive, refined, precious but sometimes a bit complicated. Whisky like women, can be very hard to get, sometimes sweet, mild and accessible, other times just a big swipe in the face. Whisky like women, will appreciate being admired and talked about. Whisky like women, enjoy remaining the centre of attention, the main focus of an entire crowd. Whisky like women, can be intimidating at first blush, but more and more talkative after a few dates. Once you get to know it, whisky like women, tends to reveal its deepest secrets, welcoming you in its incredible world of emotions. Conquering the heart of a woman appears similar to conquering whisky, it’s a long hard process with clear ups and downs along the way, sometimes leading to huge disappointments and other times offering unexpected surprises.

Whisky like women, is a whole bunch of conflicting emotions, sometimes painfully pleasant, other times pleasantly painful… Whisky like women, can be fiery and impetuous in its early years and become more elegant, sophisticated and powerful with age. Whisky is as diverse as women, it shows a wealth of styles and flavours while women offer an infinite array of characteristics.

But above all, Whisky like women, is beautiful and always turn into a long term love affair.



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