Swally Shirts : when whisky meets fashion


“Swally Shirts is a Glasgow-based t-shirt design company specialising in whisky and other drink-related t-shirts. The designs are fun and simple, giving fans of good quality drinks a way of showing their love of their favourite tipple !” Reading this statement (and as my shopping sprees for whisky is almost as similar as the ones for new clothes), I must admit I was more than …

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Answering the great “why whisky” question


There’s one unavoidable question which always comes up while meeting fellow whisky enthusiasts : Why Whisky ? What made you love this shiny beverage that much you started writing a blog about it ? To be honest, I wasn’t a heavy whisky drinker at all when I was younger, barely sipped some Label 5/William Peel mixed with poor quality coke while hanging out with my …

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Match your whisky with your favourite Game of Thrones character


As a huge fan of George R.R Martin’s masterwork, desperately waiting for the upcoming season 5 premiere (TOMORROW !) since almost a year now, I thought it could be interesting and funny to try matching some of my favourite GOT characters with whiskies – trying to find the perfect couple on the basis of age, flavours, characteristics, packaging… I finally came up with these 7 …

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Whisky, if you were a woman


“Whisky, male or female ?” “Does whisky have a gender ?” I recently came across this fierce debate a couple of times these past few weeks and thought it would almost require an entire thesis to answer such a thorny issue… But within the large and happy spirits family, whisky often stands out as the unclassifiable relative. I like to think that Whisky is actually …

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Whisky and music pairing : Fylde spirited guitars


I won’t call myself a musician – at all – (Tried to play the flute at highschool but I’d rather forget this incident in my life) but as I have always been surrounded by music lovers and players since as far as I can remember, this article is my personal apology to all the innocent ears I’ve broken singing Frozen out of the tune.  Last …

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Whiskey flasks made from video game cartridges


Last time, while I was once again wandering through the great world wide web, I mysteriously found myself on Ink Whiskey’s website. I must admit I’m not a keen gamer – at all – (barely played Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon on Playstation 1 when I was a teen – and I su**ed at it…) but as my boyfriend can spend hours shooting people …

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Etsy selection of whisky-inspired objects to decorate your home sweet home


Scotch whisky barrel mobile phone holdersold by RantandStave (UK) “Upcycled vintage oak mobile phone holder made from Scotch whisky barrels, from the heart of Speyside. The vintage oak has been handcrafted and will vary slightly in colourings, size etc. The oak is approximately 1 inch thick and good quality. ” Whisky and lime beer soap – Vegan sold by SoapDreams (Oregon – USA)   “Nice …

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