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Women in Whisky Shouldn’t Be A Thing


You know what really grinds my gears? Women championing the “Women in Whisky” cause like it’s somehow badass. It’s not. Let’s make it clear, women in whisky have been commonplace for a long time now and – within the industry – they’re really treated as equal as men (I haven’t checked their pay slips though… ;)). You know what? Your favourite malt is probably thought, distilled, …

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Whisky, if you were a woman


“Whisky, male or female ?” “Does whisky have a gender ?” I recently came across this fierce debate a couple of times these past few weeks and thought it would almost require an entire thesis to answer such a thorny issue… But within the large and happy spirits family, whisky often stands out as the unclassifiable relative. I like to think that Whisky is actually …

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