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Quick summary of an American themed night

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Toulouse (FR) ?

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It was mandatory for me to come up with this article, I’ve been living in Toulouse since almost 2 years now and I visited so many places down here. However, whisky isn’t really the most popular drink in this part of the world and trust me, it’s quite a hard process to find a nice bar serving great drams. Here’s my personal selection of whisky-friendly spots in Toulouse :

1. The Dispensary

Just off the most touristic part of Toulouse, nestled within the quiet but yet trendy area of Saint Cyprien (and just a few steps from the metro station), is a little charming British-styled pub serving both yummy hearty food and a wide range of beers, original cocktails and… Last but not least… Whiskies !

A special mention for the best Fish & Chips I ever had in Toulouse, the veggie options, the incredible burgers and this crazy salted caramel ice cream that goes along with the “brioche perdue” (Argh, writing those lines makes me drool…)

Il might also be the only place in this southwestern part of France where you’ll be able to order a shot of Drambuie, the famous Scotch liquor.

Finally, the decoration and overall atmosphere is also worth the visit : 70s/80s rock’n’roll vibe and old school horror movies do have a place of honour at The Dispensary, attracting all kinds of folks, from hipsterish bearded lads to homesick Englishmen (and ladies !).

2. The Speak Easy

Located right in the heart of Toulouse city center, The Speak Easy has only been opened since less than a year but already won great popularity amongst youngsters and older whisky enthusiasts.

With a selection of 50/60 whiskies, mainly Scotch, Irish, Japanese and American (the owner being kind of a bourbon aficionado), it really stands at the top of my personal favourite spots in Toulouse to share a dram with a friend with a few tapas on the side.

The interior is also dedicated to the American nectar : decorative barrels, bourbon themed frames… Add a really friendly team on top of that and you’ll find the perfect place to stop by for an evening tipple in Toulouse.


3. La vie en rose

This one is actually not in Toulouse but right next to the airport, in the suburban town of Blagnac, more famous for hosting the headquarters of a famous aeronautical group, Airbus.

“La vie en rose” is more a of classy/casual hotel bar where you’ll mostly encounter business travellers resting a bit after work, watching some sport on TV while sipping a beer/whisky/cocktail and indulging in a creamy cheese platter.

The great amount of English-speaking customers may be the reason why the bar is offering such a large whisky selection, even featuring some unknown bottles such as Black Mountain French whiskies (Remember, I told you about it a few weeks ago !)

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