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In Pictures: visiting Highland Park Distillery

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I know I know… What has taken me so long to post this? Life! This past month has been more than hectic on The Whisky Lady’s planet, I’ll probably write a quick “life update” article anyway to let you all know what I’ve been up to !

But anyway, if you’ve been following me on Instagram (you’re not? YOU’RE NOT? morhrbvf164rez8r48z ! #OverreactingPart1), you probably know that I spent a good 3 weeks wandering around Scotland – yes again – exploring remote areas I had never been to in the past, and my first pit stop was the northern Orkney island (the struggle to get there was real, hello mister Hector Storm, you lil’ bastard that made me shit myself in the bouncy ferry!).

Of course, I wasn’t prepared at all for the tough weather there, typical Southern-French girl (which finally happened to be a good thing as I HAD to buy a nice Highland Park coat without having to ask myself if it was something I really needed or just a compulsory shopping move I would regret. This coat was a life saver !)… Disgressing again. I should probably try to write a draft for my articles before jumping onto my keyboard in excitement – oooh man it feels sooo good to be back here after a month of silence ! #ThinkingOutLoad

Well, of course I paid a visit to the northernmost distillery in Scotland: Highland Park ! The distillery offers plenty of tour options, we were kindly invited to the Magnus Eunson one, which took us through the distillery and an extended tasting of 7 drams from the classic 12 to the all-mighty 40-year-old. My personal favourite, the delicious 25, but stick to the 18 if you want the best value for money !

You know me, I’m often tough when it comes to tour guides, I hate it when they just spit out their known-by-heart speech without adding their personality to the visit, bringing a bit of humour or simply being welcoming and knowledgeable. Well, I unfortunately cannot remember the name of our guide this day, but it was such a perfect example of what a distillery guide should be, everywhere: a real booze encyclopedia, funny and so honest and down-to-earth (I mean, you know how you’re often pushed to buy stuff at the distillery shop? It’s the first time a guide urge me not to x)), it was such a pleasure listening to him for more than an hour !

I would highly recommend touring Highland Park if you get the opportunity !

Without further ado, let me embark you on an “in pictures” tour of Highland Park Distillery


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