Drams & Dishes: 7 Autumnal combinations

thewhiskylady - 2017-10-23

There’s no “best whisky in the world”

thewhiskylady - 2017-10-25

An inside look into the most picturesque Scotch Whisky distillery

thewhiskylady - 2017-10-24
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Let’s pursue our InstaSummary of my recent visit to Speyside, touring the Malt Whisky Trail, with an inside look into what I truly think is the most picturesque distillery in Scotland (interested in a list of the most “beautiful distilleries” in Scotland? Let me know on social media or do not hesitate to send me an email via the contact form, always love to hear from you guys!): Strathisla, the home of Chivas, a distillery owned by the French group Pernod Ricard (where it is usually forbidden to take pictures ;))

Without further ado, let me embark you on a trip to whisky wonderland !


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