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An inside look into the most picturesque Scotch Whisky distillery


Let’s pursue our InstaSummary of my recent visit to Speyside, touring the Malt Whisky Trail, with an inside look into what I truly think is the most picturesque distillery in Scotland (interested in a list of the most “beautiful distilleries” in Scotland? Let me know on social media or do not hesitate to send me an email via the contact form, always love to hear …

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In Pictures: a look inside The Speyside Cooperage


So you’ve probably visited many distilleries… You’re quite familiar with the stories of illegal whisky making, smugglers and angel’s share, the science behind malting, mashing, fermentation & distillation has not secret for you anymore, but once you finally make it to the warehouse stage, there’s always this desire to know more about those beautiful casks that actually have a LOT to do with the flavours …

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An inside look into The Glengoyne Distillery


Willing to escape Glasgow and its buzzing city life for the afternoon, we couldn’t go far more than a few miles away…  Choices that day comprised a country escape to Balloch for a picturesque pokemon-catching walk or… A malted getaway to one of Glasgow’s closest distilleries: Glengoyne (still legally classified as an Highland distillery). No need to mention what we finally went for. Glengoyne offers …

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Whisky Tourism: a sunny day on Islay


I spent my past few days sunbathing and perfecting my almost-non-existant tan (the burden of being blond…) poolside in my hometown of… Wait, no need to name it, it’s not like someone’s gonna read this and say “waow, I know this place, it’s wonderful!”, let’s not fool ourselves… Anyway – with those current sunny vibes, I thought it was a good time to share with …

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The Station Hotel: the ultimate Speyside base for whisky lovers


“The Perfect Base From Which To Explore Speyside” With an expert blend of tradition and modern luxury, the boutique Station Hotel in Rothes is the perfect base from which to explore Speyside: world-famous whisky country. Each distillery has its own unique heritage and story, something that stands it apart. And The Station Hotel is no different. Following extensive restoration by Richard and Heather Forsyth (now you …

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3 Seriously Cool Places To Stay On The Isle Of Mull


Fancy a change from the regular Speyside/Highlands/Islay whisky pilgrimage? Why not considering a picturesque off shore getaway, in one of the most magical Scottish islands, the charming Isle of Mull? For those in the back of the room or the non-whisky-geeks (aka those who don’t spend 1564878 hours a week documenting themselves on The Spirits Business and other whisky-related websites – no worries, not blaming …

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WHISKY TOURISM: 4 Christmas gift ideas for whisky wanderers


A new 10-night cruise to the Southern Hebridean Islands will take in the whisky isles of Islay and Jura as they celebrate 200 years of malt whisky production. The best way to experience these unique distilleries is from the sea, reflecting the maritime flavour of the whiskies themselves. Mini-cruise operator The Majestic Line is offering two departures for 2016 on May 21st and August 27th …

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My Whisky Travel Bucket List : 3 cask strength destinations to visit!


You may have noticed I’m a bit of a travel addict (well, not the backpacker hardcore traveller type though – only trying to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight (which by the way I never really enjoy…) as soon as I can – everyday blessing low-cost companies for their existence!), always happy to pin a new destination on my “travel-special-world-map-poster” – maybe the central …

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Distillery


1. Because an increasing number of distilleries are opening their doors to the public in every corner of the planet. So whether you’re touring New Zealand or sunbathing in Menorca, there will always be a spirit-producing facility to welcome you. 2. Because distilleries reflect a territory, its people, its history & traditions and have proved to be a very unique way to deeply immerse into …

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3 stylish places to stay for a Speyside whisky retreat


Located in the North-eastern part of Scotland, Speyside truly is the heart of Scotch whisky, hosting over half the distilleries in the country and therefore known as the “golden triangle” of malt ! Speyside happens to be a mandatory step in any self-respecting whisky aficionado’s spirited journey, offering a wide array of attractions, food & drink experiences but also accommodation options. Following my selection on …

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