Great Value Dram: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked


Nestled amid the rolling hills of bluegrass and thoroughbred farms sits the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery. One of Kentucky’s oldest and smallest distilleries, the present day Woodford Reserve Distillery is built on history, sitting on Kentucky’s oldest distilling site where Elijah Pepper began crafting whiskey in 1812. It was on these same hallowed grounds that years later Master Distiller James Christopher Crow perfected his whiskey-making …

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My September Whisky Wishlist


Back-to-school season has already arrived (let’s pretend we’re still young and always ready to hit the dancefloors ‘til the sun comes up again…) and I’ve got some yummy liquid delights to put in your grown-up lunch boxes! Here’s a my September Whisky Wishlist : Willet’s Pot Still Reserve Bourbon A single barrel bourbon from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, packaged in an unusual, and rather smart Pot …

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8 differences between Whisky Enthusiasts and The Rest of The World


1. You’re the human proof social media are not teenage-only platforms. Indeed, you – surprisingly – reverse common knowledge and Twitter statistics with a followers base composed of nearly 60% to 80% 45+ year-old chaps from Minnesota. 2. Your all time idoles don’t sing half naked in a reconstituted jungle (or totally naked on construction site equipments). They can even show a well thought-after mustache, …

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Your First-ever Whisky & Cat Pairing Session


I just spent a few days without my beloved fluffy cat that I’m already developing the symtoms of a severe lack-of-cuddling-and-petting-sessions condition (go straight to your therapist if you start experiencing some serious blackouts – it’s probably due to drug withdrawal, and cats definitely are one of the hardest). Trying to heal my emotional wounds, I thought I could pay some sort of tribute to …

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My Whisky essentials


As I was once again wandering on Amazon, hesitating between poodle and pug masks (I know they’re both absolutely fantastic !), I magically found myself scrolling down the results page for “whisky” (I tend to be a bit obsessional when I like something…), surfing endless seas of whisky stones and other malted gadgets. I then took a deep breath, closed the page and realised it …

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Match your whisky with your favourite Game of Thrones character


As a huge fan of George R.R Martin’s masterwork, desperately waiting for the upcoming season 5 premiere (TOMORROW !) since almost a year now, I thought it could be interesting and funny to try matching some of my favourite GOT characters with whiskies – trying to find the perfect couple on the basis of age, flavours, characteristics, packaging… I finally came up with these 7 …

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Black Button Distillery, small batch funky spirits of Rochester (NY)


A new face into Rochester culture, Black Button Distillery is the first craft distillery within city limits since prohibition. Found at 85 Railroad St., next door to Rochester staple brewery Rohrbach Brewing Company and just a block from the Rochester Public Market, Black Button is a small batch crowd-funded distillery producing whisky, gin, vodka, moonshine and even a barrel aged maple syrup for our sweet …

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3 ways to bring a touch of Spring to your whisky


Whisky purists will surely hate this article but as milder temperatures and sunny days are just around the corner, you might like to bring a touch of Spring to your favourite tipple. In his introduction to Whisky: The Manual, author Dave Broom says that the idea that whisky is supposed to be sipped neat is actually a recent phenomenon: “At any time when [whisky] reached …

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French entrepreneurs to tackle whisky stereotypes


I was once again indulging in my usual digital hike when I had the pleasure to come across Private Whisky Society, a French whisky tasting company that directly comes to you, so that you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your home. A rather simple concept runned by two friendly entrepreneurs, Guillaume and Alexis, who seem to really enjoy sharing their knowledge …

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Quick summary of an American themed night


Last Friday night (No I’m not quoting this lame Katy Perry song so please don’t start humming it…), this local whisky club that I recently joined (known as “Les passionnés du malt” for the Frenchies wandering on this blog) was organising a special American whiskey themed night at one of the members’ countryhouse. I must admit some were not really attracted by the theme and …

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