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I was once again indulging in my usual digital hike when I had the pleasure to come across Private Whisky Society, a French whisky tasting company that directly comes to you, so that you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your home. A rather simple concept runned by two friendly entrepreneurs, Guillaume and Alexis, who seem to really enjoy sharing their knowledge about whisky with people.

One thing I really liked about it is the way they are bringing a much needed fresh young eye on whisky despite their huge experience when it comes to uisge beatha, being keen whisky enthusiasts for more than 10 years ! I was delighted to have a wee chat with them, during which we obviously talked about our common passion for the amber nectar (I was impressed – and quite jealous – to learn that their bar is actually home to more than 150 bottles, from the classic bourbon cask malt to the most extravagant finishes !)

Private Whisky Society publishes a various range of news, tasting notes and articles on a daily basis. You’ll also find a complete whisky encyclopedia with detailed information and definitions on their website. It’s actually a real goldmine of information and a nice initiative to help grow your spirited literacy. I also ended up reading a few of their articles and tasting notes, which alone, are a really good reason to visit their website (especially for the little frogs around here) 😉

The company was created about a year ago with the aim to bring whisky tasting courses directly to people, along with team-building and tradeshows animation services. Whether you are a professional, an expert or just curious to learn more about whisky, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to feel their enthusiasm at the second they start talking about their favourite beverage. Ask them and they’ll be more than glad to advise you on “how to make the best out of your bar” !

I know I might sound a bit too enthusiastic but I really like their approach, which is actually the same as mine : trying to make whisky less formal, removing dust from the cliché that whisky is only an old man drink !

Here is how it goes with their themed tasting courses: they come at your place with all the bottles, glasses and even advise you prior to the event on the best dishes to suit each dram. The themes can be chosen from the popular peated whiskies, Sherry Casks or World Whiskies themed events to the more original Ladies’ Choice (Should I need to precise this would definitely be the one I’ll go for ?)

Guillaume is due to go to Japan very soon with the aim to visit distilleries and meet owners and malt masters from different companies. As their company is growing, Private Whisky Society is currently planning upcoming exciting projects : working on the creation of an e-shop to provide whisky tasting sessions in boxes for people to enjoy at home, alone or with a couple of friends. They also intend to provide innovative products and some exciting bottlings ! A crowdfunding adventure is said to be coming soon 😉

Stay tuned and do not hesitate to join their growing online community on facebook !

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