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While I’m preparing myself for the whisky festival season (Whisky Live Paris, The Whisky Show…), I thought I could share a few tips for you if you’ve never attended any of those great malted reunions!


1 –> Choose the right day to come: Saturday will be packed but sometimes it’s what it takes to have access to some specific bottlings for instance while Monday can be reserved to professionals… Also don’t forget to check the schedule for masterclasses!

2 –> Make a check list before and go first to the stands you’re the most interested in if you want to be sure they still have this new limited edition available to sample!

3 –> Arrange transportation to and from the event location (you’re not driving that day buddy!)

4 –> Don’t get carried away with whisky tastings and take some time to eat if you don’t want to end the day on a stretcher

5 –> Do not forget to drink water either – (I should have made that one Rule N┬░1)

6 –> Coffee beans are your friend, remember this article?

7 –> Attend masterclasses, it’s the best way to get an in-depth experience of a specific distillery’s offer or discuss with those “in the know” ­čśë

8 –> Don’t be this annoying malt maniac asking for samples at each and every stand and asking 16478979 questions while 1487487 people are waiting in line behind you

9 –> Take an empty bag ’cause there are good chances that you’ll leave with some new bottles (hardly a few people survive a whisky festival without opening their wallet)

10 –> Have fun and stop geeking too much



I’ve teamed up with the chaps at Whisky live Paris to offer you and a friend your pass for this year’ edition ­čśÇ

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