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4 unexpected yet promising whisky markets


So you thought France, the USA, the UK,  Australia, India or even China shared the greatest part of world whisky consumption? You’re not that wrong… Although, other territories have been seeing an incredible surge in demand for whisky those past few years… Reunion Island  Technically France, but yet so far away from Metropolitan France that it’s hard to compare both territories in terms of lifestyle …

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Discussing independent bottling with Lady Of The Glen founder


Gregor Hannah, founder of its own whisky brand Lady Of The Glen, kindly agreed to answer a few questions about its independent bottling adventure! First of all, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself: where do you come from? Career background? How did you came up with the idea of bottling your own whiskies? I’d like to thank you for getting in …

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French entrepreneurs to tackle whisky stereotypes


I was once again indulging in my usual digital hike when I had the pleasure to come across Private Whisky Society, a French whisky tasting company that directly comes to you, so that you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your home. A rather simple concept runned by two friendly entrepreneurs, Guillaume and Alexis, who seem to really enjoy sharing their knowledge …

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