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Whisky and music pairing : Fylde spirited guitars

thewhiskylady - 2015-02-20
I won’t call myself a musician – at all – (Tried to play the flute at highschool but I’d rather forget this incident in my life) but as I have always been surrounded by music lovers and players since as far as I can remember, this article is my personal apology to all the innocent ears I’ve broken singing Frozen out of the tune. 
Last time I chose to talk about those awesome bourbon skateboards, but today, I’m switching from sport to music (not that I’m very good at sport either…) and introduce you to Fylde guitars, a brand that provided many world-famous musicians such as Mick Jagger or Sting (impressive, eh?).
Technical details :
“Fylde Custom Single Malt Ariel Guitar, or the Whiskey Barrel Guitar :
These instruments are unique to Fylde. They are built using timbers reclaimed from the scottish, malt whisky industry. The back & sides are quartered oak from salvaged single malt Whisky casks, which have been soaked in maturing alcohol first in America or Spain, then in Scotland, for perhaps ten years before reaching the Fylde guitar workshop. The neck and fingerboard are made from sections of both timbers. The top is built up from sections of Oregon pine from a washback vessel from the Talisker distillery on the Isle of Skye. This vessel held hot spirit continually for around forty years before the timber came to Fylde. The fingerboard, bridge, and headstock faceplate are whisky barrel oak; the neck is laminated from the Oregan pine washback and oak. Just about the entire guitar is made from the whisky timbers, except for the bracing. Ours sounds incredible and is oh, so VERY cool. 12 frets to the body with a 24.75″ scale. 1 3/4″ nut; zero fret; with 2 1/4″ string spacing at the saddle. Slotted headstock/gold tuners with amber buttons. 5 piece laminated neck with FAST gunstock finish. Cool, Copper side dot position markers on the fretboard binding; 3 piece back. Unique marquetry for the rosette & top trim. 9 3/8″ upper bout; 14″ lower bout; 4 3/8″ deep at the tail.”
According to you, is this a genius idea or would the barrel wood affect the sound after having been filled with spirits for years ?
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