Daffy’s Gin: the most cosmopolitan of Scottish gins (giveaway inside!)


You know there will always be a place of choice for other spirits on The Whisky Lady, especially when this spirit is none other than a fantastic Scottish gin ! Well… Scottish? Not exactly though.  Daffy’s Small Batch Premium Gin is made with grain spirit from northern France, which is then distilled using a copper pot still. The Scottish distillers use a selection of eight …

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Is whisky really for everyone?


So you’ve probably read many articles championing a lighter, less elitist and overall more ‘let’s not give a shit about rules” approach to whisky those past few years. Yes, I’m one of those people believing whisky should be for everyone and can be enjoyed however the hell you want to and shouldn’t come with all the boring and out-of-date rules attached to it. Want to …

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1 Moment = 1 Dram: how to chose your whisky according to the occasion?


As I already explained in a previous article answering (well, trying to answer may be more appropriate) the great “what’s your favourite whisky” question, my go-to dram always depends on the occasion. The place, people & mood-of-the-day will actually define my selected tipple and each situation calls for a different dram of choice! I then decided to build this – non-exhaustive – list of 10 …

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4 ways to enjoy your whisky in summer


How to -still- look like a respected whisky aficionado when all you’re craving for right now is another G&T, Mojito, Tequila sunrise or a large bucket of ice-cold water ? A terrible heatwave has invaded Europe since a few days, leaving us all sweaty and dehydrated, lying like stranded wales on our couches (or maybe this one just apply to me ?), praying for the …

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