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4 ways to enjoy your whisky in summer

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How to -still- look like a respected whisky aficionado when all you’re craving for right now is another G&T, Mojito, Tequila sunrise or a large bucket of ice-cold water ? A terrible heatwave has invaded Europe since a few days, leaving us all sweaty and dehydrated, lying like stranded wales on our couches (or maybe this one just apply to me ?), praying for the temperatures to cool down (you know prayers can be vain…) while eating our bodyweight in watermelon.

Let’s stop complaining and start to find some ways to enjoy our whisky despite the inconvenient situation. Whisky ninjas shouldn’t be bothered by such external details !

1. Stop being a pussy : add some ice

I know you don’t want to waste a single drop of your favourite tipple by adding some ice cubes, then don’t ! Desperate situations call for desperate measures, go to your local supermarket and pick any entry level whisk(e)y you’d like (I hope you assume we’re not talking William Peel or Long John here). For example, why not treating yourself with an easy-drinking Jameson or Jim Beam, something not too rich or complex so that you don’t feel too distraught by the event. (Find other great advices on The Whiskey Reviewer)

2. Treat your sweet tooth with whisky ice creams


If you are lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, go to one of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s cinema nights this summer and indulge in their whisky-flavored ice creams, “12 flavours of whisky ice cream made with Society single cask whiskies, which have been created by renowned Edinburgh ice cream makers, S Luca.” (FoodAndDrink Scotsman). If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you’re definitely not a normal human being.

Another solution, if you don’t want to brave the scorching temperatures outside (or if you don’t live in Edinburgh…), then why not making your own whisky ice cream ?! Enhance your cooking skills and follow this recipe : Single Malt Whisky, Ginger & Pecan Ice cream

3. Make a refreshing cocktail

Forgot the whisky snob in you and discover a pleasant way to drink your whisky. My personal favourite (and really simple) concoction is whisky & ginger ale but there are all sorts of extravagant mixtures you can make ! Find some inspiration here, here or even there !

4. Emigrate to Greenland

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