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Weekly Review : Brenne French Single Malt

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1 Moment = 1 Dram: how to chose your whisky according to the occasion?

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As I already explained in a previous article answering (well, trying to answer may be more appropriate) the great “what’s your favourite whisky” question, my go-to dram always depends on the occasion. The place, people & mood-of-the-day will actually define my selected tipple and each situation calls for a different dram of choice!

I then decided to build this – non-exhaustive – list of 10 dramming moments and my – very personal – way to deal with everyone of them.



You need an everyday dram here, good value for money,  not overly complex (hey, remember you just got back from work, you need to rest!) but still pleasant and comforting. Kind of an adult version of the peanut butter (don’t get me wrong, it’s also perfectly fine if you were some sort of activist from team chocolate spread) toasts you use to gobble up after school when you were 8 (still doing that ? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT!). I would then suggest a nice Teeling Single Grain here.


It’s often the perfect occasion to try something unusual, something you can’t find easily (or afford a whole bottle). It obviously all depends on the whisky selection from the restaurant/bar you chose (smart move here –> always offer to book the restaurant!). If the venue isn’t a geeky whisky spot, I always go for classic drams, for example entry-level Speyside such as Aberlour 12 or Benromach 10, mainstream bourbons or the highly-popular Jameson Irish Whiskey.


Ok, no useless gender issue debates here please –> I do believe women can definitely enjoy good quality whiskies neat, with a dash of water or with WhateverTheyFeelLikeMixingItWith BUT seriously, you need to give the talentuous (sexy?) mixologist the credit he deserves… It’s the perfect occasion to enhance your whisky cocktails culture and please both your eyes and palate! (Choice of the bar is HIGHLY important here)


What best way to end a tasty dinner than finishing on a sweet liquid note ? My go-to digestive whiskies for this kind of accasion would have to be fruity mellow nectars that I like to call “dessert drams”. My personal favourite here will definitely be Brenne, an exquisite Cognac-finished dram with incredibly sweet notes of candy & crême brûlée…


Most of the family is reunited for a special occasion and you have to impress your great uncle John (or this guy you only see like once a year and who always forget how old you are and what you’re doing). Let’s be honest, we all know family dinners are all about competition and proving your value to the society (or maybe it’s just me having a coocoo family…). Feel free to bring your weirdest, craziest expressions, the most incredible drams you keep on your shelves, it’s time to show off!


Whatever, you’re not supposed to remember anyway. It’s time you explore what’s left on your “shelf of shame”, you know, those bottles that have been sleeping at the back of your cupboards for weeks/years (most of them being partially empty – Party trophies)


Your friend is getting engaged ? Your BFF got a new job ? You bought this designer shoes you’ve been dreaming about for years or you just realised tonight is the season premiere of [ENTER THE NAME OF YOUR FAVOURITE TW SHOW HERE] ? Let’s celebrate! My personal celebration selection would showcase great exquisite classics such as Macallan Sienna.


Something sweet and somewhat sensual, a liquorice nectar full of flavours. You know me now, I’ll go for a Green Spot…


\o/ This one is not your usual “after-work dram” it’s more of a “Yeeeah-WeekEnd-Has-Finally-Arrived-And-Im-Gonna-Sleep-til-12” dram, which would actually be closer to the “celebration dram” mood. Let’s then indulge in something heartwarming but a bit less classic, I would here suggest expressions from AnCnoc, Highland Park, Bruichladdich, Bowmore, Mackmyra…


Let’s get wild! Surrounded by your fellow whisky brothers & sisters, you can explore unknown malted horizons! It’s time to crack open this latest release from Australia you bought on the internet. I can’t really name any specific whisky here but my personal next tasting session will include a Finnish Rye, a Ben Nevis 49 and the awesome Bowmore Mizunara Cask (Yeap, I’m soooo looking forward to it!)


/!\ Alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation

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