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1. Mackmyra Bruks Whisky & Foie Gras


“The bouquet is fresh, light and crisp with intriguing notes that immediately astound – creamy vanilla, citrus, orange peel, manuka honey, fragrant flowers, pot pouri, sweet tree sap, warm baklava with nuts and honey, raspberry and milk bottle lollies, perfumed soaps, mild licorice, incense and hints of smoke. On the palate the whisky is extraordinarily balanced and offers notes of cooked pear, fresh orange, honey, hard lollies (Berwick cockles, licorice candy and minties come to mind), dark chocolate, fragrant wood, and all the while an underlying heat radiates rigid flecks of spice from the palate in the form of cinnamon,  star anise, fiery peppermint and fisherman’s friends. The finish is refreshing and warming with spices and the continuing burn of peppermint/fisherman’s friends, as undertones of sweet wine intermingle with raisin, apricot custard Danish pastry, oak notes and orange rind.

Overall, Mackmyra Brukswhisky is a soft, crisp, fresh and super smooth whisky with superbly integrated yet complex flavours.” (Maltmileage)

Why is Mackmyra Bruks Whisky doing well with foie gras ? It’s actually the perfect combination between an incredibly mild and rounded whisky and an elegant dish, enhancing the refined taste of the foie gras.

2. Caol Ila 12 & Raw Milk Camembert

pairing2“This whisky whispers the sounds of Islay with more nuanced, finessed aromas and flavors than most. At first sniff, hints of autumn rise out of the glass with apples, pears and scents of the season’s first fires. This is followed by vegetal notes of wet sea grass, and black tea. Rounding out the palate, flavors of spicy sweets and Applewood smoked ham are discovered before elegant peat smoke takes over. The whisky finishes with hints of tart green apple, spicy white pepper and a big salty sea smoke that lingers with memories of bonfires on the beach that burn long into the night.” (DrinkDistiller)

Why is Caol Ila 12 doing well with raw milk camembert ? The camembert will provide an amazing twist to the elegant peat and aerial smoke of this Islay malt – a winning combo !

3. Talisker Storm & French oysters


“Talisker Storm is dark gold in color with a nose that is instantly recognizable as a part of the Johnnie Walker universe, especially the deep honey, apricot, and honeysuckle. Just underneath these bright, sweet, fruity, and floral notes is a nice light smoke and briny oyster shell that is a hallmark of marine style Scotch whisky. There is a peek of some of the younger malt in the nose with a touch of fire, but that’s well counterpointed by the more lush aromas in the nose. The entry for Talisker Storm is classic Talisker with honey, malt, apricot, pear, and honeysuckle leading the charge, but things quickly shift in the midpalate with a strong salinity and undercurrent of peat smoke. In the midpalate there’s also a nice amount of spice including black pepper and clove, and supported by a little heat from the young malt. The midpalate serves to showcase the balance between some of the older and younger malts in the mix as well as Talisker Storm’s sweeter and more savory notes. The finish is medium length and focuses much more on the spice and smoke elements of the whisky. It’s here where Talisker Storm is at its smokiest with a finish of ashy peat fire.” (DrinkSpirits)

Why is Talisker Storm doing well with French oysters ? French poet Leon-Paul Fargue once said eating an oyster was ‘like kissing the sea on the lips’ – sipping a Talisker Storm does feel quite the same to me ! This pairing offers a melding tone on tone unifying marine fragrances of the whisky and the iodine notes of the oyster.


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