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My June Whisky Wishlist

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Yes, packaging matters !

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As recently as yesterday, I came accross a post on social media refering to the new Port Charlotte range and their new design, arguing that the container didn’t have much importance as long as the content was good. It may sound surprising (or not, because I’m such a superficial girl…;) #sarcasmspotted), but I don’t necessarily agree with this statement.

“Who cares about the package?” I do!

Of course maltyhead friend, what’s inside the bottle IS the most important, let’s not discuss this point, but the precious casket it comes in also has its significance.

I’ve probably said that quite a lot around here already (but I like to repeat myself like a maniac parrot), I consider whisky as a real work of art, and correct me if I’m wrong, but when you put an amazing painting on your wall, you’d rather have it hanged in a beautiful wood-carved frame right? It’s all about impact… And respect in a certain way.  So yes, I don’t see why my whisky, which took as much expertise and maybe even more time to produce than this painting would deserve less embellishment ? After all, it will also sit somewhere in my house for a year or more (depending on how fast I am to drink it) and be a part of the decoration.

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Esthetics apart, the eye candy is a proven decisive factor when choosing a whisky in a store or buying one as a gift – seriously, why do you think brands put so much thoughts and efforts in their packaging ? Because it FREAKING SELLS. Have you ever seen a whisky beginner walking into a shop and go for the shitty packaged bottle claiming “C’mon, who cares about the packaging, as long as the content is great I’m all good offering this ugly bottle to my cousin, we’re not very close anyway…“. Doesn’t happen.

The liquid could be the most amazing ever, if the packaging is shit, it won’t sold (and it won’t do the whisky justice), that’s as simple as ABC.

If you think about beer, which actually has a lot in common with the whisky industry, you can’t deny the fact that there’s a Before and After PUNK IPA, and this has a lot to do with how it was presented and sold. And if Brewdog were pioneers in the craft beer revolution in Europe, in part due to their communication and marketing, which packaging is a significant part of, I believe the whisky revolution (which in my opinion is still yet to come) could also come from the outer shell.

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So yes, I believe a great content deserves a great container.

Packaging matters!





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