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Weekly Review: Wolfburn Single Malt

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Following my recent interview with Wolfburn’s Master Distiller – I promised I would publish a review of their first single malt around here. And there it is! See how I can be trustworthy sometimes…

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Becoming Scotland’s northernmost mainland whisky producing distillery when it released its first single malt in March 2016, Wolfburn is built just 350m away from the ruins of the 19th century distillery from which it takes its name. With long fermentation, slow manual distillation and maturation taking place at least partly in quarter casks that previously held peated whisky from Islay, this is an eagerly-anticipated release bottled at 46% ABV.


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tasting notes

Nose: Slightly briny, light, and deliciously fruity for such a young boy! Candied lemons, cooked peaches & apricots lead the way to more automnal aromas and some herbal notes on the background. Also found hints of rum baba and spices such as white pepper. Smells like the perfect wintery “dram-by-the-roaring-fireplace-at-your-grand-auntie’s-country-house” to me.

Palate: Surprisingly smooth and enjoyable for a 3-year-old – quite easy-drinking even though still showing some signs of youthfulness. The palate offers some pleasant honey notes wrapped in cereals, spices (maybe star anise?) & brown sugar with a distant soft smokiness (quite likely coming from the Islay casks…)

Definitely a good start for Wolfburn. I also had the occasion last year to taste their new make spirit which turned out to be really promising and actually one of the best new makes I ever had in a while… (not like I drink new make spirits everyday though…). So yes, it’s a youngster, but it’s one of the good ones – and I can’t wait to be blown away by their future releases. It’s not a secret: whisky needs time and patience and this kind of debuts really make the wait worthwhile.

Finish: Elegant & gourmet with roasted nuts and lingering wood spices.





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Hey! Find out more about Wolfburn on Craft Whisky Club’s special Highlight Page 

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